Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Cream Silk Transformations: Spotlight on the #ModernFilipina

Good evening ladies,

I am in a bit of a transition in life. For four years I was reared to be a clinician by my alma mater and immediately after passing my boards, I decided to not get into residency and to become a researcher doctor. It was a big change and I had no idea where to start. So like all big changes in my life, I start with getting my hair done. I think all women tend to do this as well and that is why Cream Silk has made this as it's new campaign.

Last January 23, Cream Silk launched: Cream Silk Transformations: Spotlight on the #ModernFilipina. It was a whole afternoon dedicated to women who have constantly challenged themselves from being good to great. Cream Silk collaborated with the country's top magazines - Cosmopolitan, Meg, MEGA, Metro, Preview, and Yes! - and offered a variety of activities that empowered the attendees and ready them for the transformations they plan on making. There were different workshops and talks at each booth, and different activities which highlighted diversity that is the #ModernFilipina.

I was happy enough to share the day with fellow Modern Filipinas, Erika, Helen, and Gen-zel! It was my first really big event so it's great to have a great company to shake of the first-time jitters.

The first booth that we went to was from Meg. They gave us a chance to express our inner artistic self. The instruction was to draw how we do our everyday make-up. I'm not that very experimental when it comes to make-up so I basically went neutral. I know Dawn would have loved the whole activity and would have made a super artsy make-up. But anyway, after we saw Erika draw hair on hers, we kind of wanted ours to have hair as well. See how they look so similar to us with hair on? Can you guess who these belong to?

Afterwards, Meg gave us a BYS loot bag and a copy of their December to January issue.

Next booth which we were able to catch up to was Mega, and they were doing some fashion tips, dressing up your look with accessories (to be more precise). They called in volunteers to try and dress up their current look.

After the demo and tips, they gave out a copy of their magazine and L'Occitane deluxe samples.

We circled around other booths but only caught up with a few. Cosmopolitan gave a talk on what to save and what to splurge and also an inspirational talk about taking risks for the things you value.

At the Cream Silk lounge guests completed the experience through hair transformations. To demonstrate that only Cream Silk can transform any hair problem to beyond beautiful, hair experts assessed hair needs and recommended the best styles to highlight assets.

The booth also featured a mini salon by Blo, where the guest could get their hair done in their style of choice. Judging by the length of the line, women really do start embracing change by transforming their hair.

As a fitting and grand finale, the audience was treated to the first ever live cover shoot experience to unveil the new roster of Cream Silk Modern Filipinas. Cream Silk and the top magazines styled and photographed the newest endorsers on stage, in front of event attendees.  Joining Heart Evangelista on the covers of the publications’ March issues are the country’s leading ladies Nadine Lustre, Coleen Garcia, Julie Anne San Jose, Rachelle Ann Go and Yassi Pressman, who have all embarked on their own journeys of transformations.  

While waiting for the grand finale, Helen and I decided to get our hair done.

Here is our transformed Modern Filipina look. What do you think?

To add, to the already impressive line up, Cream Silk also welcomed home Pia Wurtzbach, on her first Philippine appearance as Ms. Universe. Pia epitomizes the most inspiring transformation of the Modern Filipina yet, set to conquer the universe! With a beauty that inspires, determined to realize her dreams, she has come back to make her positive mark in the world, taking her well deserved walk at Cream Silk’s event.

And to help us start with our transformations, or keep at them, Cream Silk has given us full sizes of their products to answer all our hair needs.

They also threw in a gift cheque for Blo.

Join Cream Silk and these Modern Filipinas in inspiring  and empowering others to experience their own transformations. Share your own experience on social media by posting “One of my #CreamSilkTranformations in 2016 is to___________.”



  1. Wow didn't know they gave away free L'Occitane samples! Sayang! I was busy kasi at the hair salon so I wasnt able to attend the earlier talks :(