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Press Release: Achieve Your Fitness Goals With Kilo Off!

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Are you preparing your beach-ready body for the coming summer? Maybe you'd like to accomplish this sooner with a little help. Read about Kilo Off! on the press release below and you might just get your goal weight faster in a safe and natural way.

Time to revive your long-forgotten New Year's resolution—this weight loss brand from France will get your slimming plans back on track.

         The "New Year, New You" mantra that you've long jolted might just come true this year, if weight loss is on top of your Things To Accomplish this 2016. Now's not the time to be jaded—we recommend you take the leisurely route and formulate a fitness plan you actually enjoy doing. Say, instead of gearing up for a lengthy workout regimen that'll zap out time and energy all at once, why not perform high-intensity interval workouts that only take up less than 30 minutes of your time? Better yet, detour from rote gym routines by taking fun fitness classes you'll have a blast doing, such as indoor cycling to music, or hip hop boxing. Your diet doesn't have to be tasteless, too—jilt flavorless skinny food and opt for a diet service that provides calorie-counted, yet tasty meals.

         As you take the lifestyle challenge of regular exercise and a healthier diet, you'll need all the help you can get. Kilo Off is a line of all- natural weight loss drinks made in France that aids weight watchers to achieving their goal weight and staying trim the natural, fast, effective, and safe way.

Kilo Off promises the following:

·   Safe weight loss
·   Burning of fats
·   Loss of excess water and toxins
·   A flatter stomach
·   Curbed food cravings
·   Support in healthy weight maintenance

This tasty option to slimming comes in three forms you can choose from:

 Kilo Off 24 Capsule (SRP 850/box)

- Meant to slim you down and provide a 24- hour fat- burning effect. Down 1-2 capsules before meals, and take four capsules maximum for a day when weight loss is an urgent need. Compared to the powder drink, this capsule is more focused on burning fat. Opt for this capsule form if you need to lose weight quicker.

Capsule active Ingredients: Pepper, Fennel, and Green Tea extracts to burn fat; Coriander to improve digestion.

 Kilo Off Liquid Drink (SRP 895/bottle)

- A bottle cap-full is perfect to drink as is or mixed with water. A set of two drinks, one of each is to be taken before breakfast and either lunch of dinner. Each drink performs a specific set of tasks: the purple liquid, to burn fat and drain water, while the orange liquid contains fiber that aids in digestion. Drink this for a more concentrated amount of active ingredients.

Liquid Drink Active Ingredients: Orange Bottle- Rhubarb, Acacia, and Tamarind facilitate digestion and help relieve a swollen stomach; Purple Bottle- Gurana, Green Coffee, and Grape Marc help burn fat.

 Kilo Off Powder Drink (SRP 995/Box of 10)

- Best taken as a treat before breakfast or exercise, the Kilo Off powder drink is a flavored powder juice meant to supplement your diet and workout, and provide a 4-in-1 action (Burn fat, curb cravings, increase metabolism, keep a flat stomach). Dissolve one pack in a glass of water, and drink after 10 seconds. This is perfect for mobile individuals with a bottle of water ready at all times—make sure you have enough to fit one glass, dissolve Kilo Off into your bottle, and drink away! What’s more is it comes with a booklet with expert information about nutrition and weight loss, the recommended schedules and amounts of dosages, and even a healthy meal plan and a quiz that will help you find out what kind of eater you are so you can adjust your habits and plan your daily grub ahead.

Powder Drink Active Ingredients: 12 Active Ingredients (Green Tea and Coffee extracts to burn fat; Cherry Stalk and Orange Peel extracts to drain excess water and toxins; Pineapple and Papaya extracts to keep a flat stomach; Citrus and Apple Pectins to reduce cravings).

96% of women lost weight up to 15lbs. maximum loss over a 20 day period based on Efficacy Study no. 2204 conducted in France over 20 days of usage; Kilo Off is Watsons Hong Kong’s back to back slimming product of the year.

         Stumped on which option to pick? Kilo off 24 is for fat burn, Kilo Off Dietary Supplement Drinks aid in digestion and give you a flat tummy (Orange bottle) and help drain burn fat (Purple Bottle), and Kilo Off Powder Drink provides a global action as it helps burn fat, reduce cravings, increase metabolism, and gives you a flat stomach. Take Kilo Off everywhere you go and with every meal you take!

         All Kilo-Off drinks are recommended with a healthy amount of diet and exercise, so you're ensured to achieve your fitness goals and get that New Year's body you'd be proud to flaunt year round!

Kilo Off is manufactured by Laboratories Vitarmonyl in France, is BFAD- approved, and possesses natural ingredients unseen in similar weight loss supplements to ensure a healthier route to weight loss. Kilo Off is exclusively available in selected Watsons branches nationwide.

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Frequently Asked Questions:
1.     Where is this product from?
2.     Is it safe?
Yes. It is manufactured by Laboratories Vitaromonyl and was launched in other countries since 2009. We have tested it in Europe and Asia.
3.     Why are there so many products?
The products are complementary and it is a system so customer can choose which method is easier for them to maintain. Each product also has a different effect so a person can take one product after a treatment period for maximum effect.
4.     What is the difference of this versus other brands?
We use natural active ingredients that have been tested and are safe. These are not your usual local ingredients. Aside from just burning fat only, we also have more effective actions to slim down like reduce craving and draining water/ toxins.
5.     Who cannot take the product?
The product is NOT for: kids below 12 years old, pregnant and breastfeeding women, people with heart disorders and undergoing anti-hypertensive treatment.
Note that the liquid drinks should only be taken by adults (above 18 years old). No maximum age for the products. 
6.     Can people with allergies take the product?
People who are allergic to specific ingredients in the product cannot take it (for example, person is allergic to pineapple and the Kilo Off powder drink has pineapple, so she cannot take it). The capsule is not recommended for people with fish allergy.
7.     Can diabetics take the product?
These 4 products are safe for diabetics because they provide very few carbohydrates. As a precaution, we advise to use Kilo off during a meal to avoid sudden glycemia variations. You may also consult with a doctor.
8.     Can products be taken together?
We do not advise to consume simultaneously these products due to their formulas. Ingredients could increase or decrease the effect of other ones.
9.     Should I continue with my diet and exercise when I take Kilo Off?
Yes. Food supplements should be taken in the framework of a varied and balanced diet and healthy lifestyle, with controlled calorie intake and regular physical activity. Kilo Off improves the effects of diet and exercise (taken before exercising).
I.               Kilo Off Powder Drink

10.  How do I use the product?
Just open the sachet, put the powder in a glass of water, wait 10 seconds and drink. Cold water is preferred.
11.  When should I drink this?
Recommended to drink in the morning after breakfast or during your Kilo Off profile recommendation (test in the booklet).
12.  How many can I drink per day?
1 only. If more than one, can have a laxative effect.
13.  Up to how long should I drink this?
Best is to drink for a straight 20 day period with 15 day rest before starting again.
The rest period is so that your body can avoid having any shortage of nutrients.
14.  What is the effect of this product?
There are 4 actions for the product: burn fat, drain water and toxins, keep a flat stomach, reduce cravings.
15.  Are the ingredients natural and safe?
Yes. All 12 active ingredients are chosen for their effectiveness and taste. There are a total of 900mg of active ingredients.
16.  Are there vitamins in the product?
Yes there are 10 vitamins because we want the customer to lose weight the healthy way and still get the nutrients the body needs everyday.
17.  Can I use this drink as a meal replacement?
No, we recommend that you still eat your meals and the drink is not meant to replace a meal.

II.              Kilo Off 24 Capsule

1.     When and how many should I take per day?
Take 1 – 2 capsules before meals. Minimum of 2 per day. Maximum of 4 per day.
You can take 2 capsules before meals for more intense slimming periods.
2.     Up to how long should I drink this?
15 days maximum with a 15-day rest period before starting again
3.     Why is it called 24?
Day and night slimming action with 24 hours effect
4.     Are the active ingredients safe?
Yes, the 4 active ingredients are all-natural.
5.     What is the action of this product?
This product burns fat, keeps a flat stomach, detoxifies, and improves digestion.
6.     What is the difference of this product versus the powder drink?
The ingredients chosen here are more effective and intense (cannot be used in powder drink as taste has to be considered). Also this product concentrates on burning fat more than the powder drink. The powder drink reduced cravings as it has fiber while the capsule does not.
III.            Kilo Off Liquid Drink

1.     How much should I drink per day?
50ml dose (1 cap full). Can mix with water or drink as is.
2.     Where should I store after the bottle is open?
Keep in the refrigerator. It should be consumed within 10 days of opening.
3.     When should I drink this?
Purple: Drink in the morning after breakfast.
Orange: Drink after the main meal (lunch or dinner).
4.     How long will the drink last?
8 days but if you have any excess after 8 days, you can still drink this as long as it doesn’t exceed 10 days. Leave 1-week intervals between slimming periods.
5.     What is the difference of the 2 beverages
Purple: over-all slimming by burning fat and draining water with caffeine
Orange: flat stomach effect by improving digestion with fiber
6.     Can the drinks be drunk together?
Yes but not at the same time. You can drink the purple one in the morning then the orange one after lunch or dinner.

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