Monday, February 01, 2016

My First BeatyMNL Purchase

Hello guys!

I've been feeling down lately. I'm currently lost when it comes to my thesis and it's really stressing me out. Anyway, just so I can feel a little better, I decided to take advantage of BeautyMNL's Big Brand Sale and bought some items. :)

It was the last day of the sale and BeautyMNL has some items that I really wanted to try. What's even better is that it was on sale. I just thought that if I were to splurge, at least I got a good deal out of them. 

And so, I bought some awesome stuff, which I will be sharing with you. Almost everything here was on sale. Yay! And what's even more awesome is that the package arrived in less than 24 hours! I ordered yesterday (Sunday) and paid via paypal and the package arrived today (Monday). Everything was in good condition and neatly wrapped. I'm very impressed with BeautyMNL's service.

It was even in a box and there were enough fillers inside so the products wouldn't get damaged. The box actually arrived covered with shrink wrap and tape so that nothing gets misplaced from it.

Anyway, let's proceed to the fun stuff. Here are the products I bought...

First on the list is a special kit created by BeautyMNL! It's the Thank God It's Friday (TGIF) Kit. The canvas bag consists of different skincare products that I would absolutely love to try! I got this for PhP 699.00 only because it was discounted. Its original price was PhP 999.00.

Inside the kit are the following:

  • Be Organic Bath & Body Argan Oil Shampoo, a frizz-fighting shampoo made with “liquid gold.” Read more.
  • Kala Milk Soap Honey & Oats Milk Soap, a gentle exfoliating soap bar.Read more.

If you have color-treated hair, then a sulfate free shampoo can help retain the color. The soap on the other hand is something that I have used before and I became an instant fan. :D

  • Leaders InSolution Double Effect AC Free, a bestselling Korean face maskRead more.
Bath Junkies Strawberry Samba Body Scrub, a body buffer with berry antioxidants. Read more.

I've only tried a few from Leaders InSolution so I'm curious as to how well this will work on my face. I liked some of the masks I've tried from them. The Bath Junkies Body Scrub, on the other hand, smells super fantastic!

  • Made by David Organics Hand Sanitizer Trio, three bottles of scented antibacterial spray. Read more.

It's always a must for me to carry a bottle of sanitizer and I'm excited to use all three because I just love how them smell! :D

Let's proceed to the makeup products next...
Got this for PhP 269.00. Original price is PhP 299.00.

What can I say? I just love the color Peach!

The next three products came from the same brand. I've only tried one product from them and I wanted to try more. So I grabbed the opportunity to get them while on sale.

Pink Sugar Sweet Cheeks HD Cheek Color in Sin City and Concrete Jungle
Got them for only PhP 374.00 each. Original Price was PhP 499.00.

I'm on a look-out for awesome highlighters! I hope these will work well.

Got this for PhP 349.00. It wasn't on sale. :P

I'm currently loving dark lipsticks so I just had to get one and chose this deep plum shade. :D

Got it for PhP 133.00 from PhP 148.00.

Got this for PhP 685.00 from PhP 779.00.

Vitamin C on my skin really brightens it and just works wonders on it. I hope it works as well as Ciracle's.

And those are the items included in my mini haul. I've swatched and tried out some of them and I'm really satisfied. I can't wait to share my reviews with all of you.

I'm also very satisfied with BeautyMNL's fast service and awesome deals. I'm sure to buy again soon! :D

If you're interested to get deals such as these, make sure you subscribe to BeautyMNL's mailing list and always check out their online magazine for beauty updates and tips!



  1. Box talaga. :)) I'm so impressed with their speedy delivery. I think I'll be making a Pink Sugar purchase soon, but I want to go on a swatchfest first!

    1. Yaaas! Really fast service talaga. I'm really satisfied with my Pink Sugar purchases. You should try them out! :D