Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Etude House Hot Style Bubble Hair Coloring in Cherry Brown

Hello loves!

It's been almost a year since I last colored my hair. The hair growth is very visible that the hair from my root up to the part where my hair was colored is noticeable—that's 6-8 inches of black hair. So when Etude House was on-sale last December to January, I bought some of their bubble dye. I haven't tried any bubble dyes before so I was pretty excited to try it out.

Etude House Hot Style Bubble Hair Coloring 
Got it for PhP 428.00 but it was a buy1 take 1 promo so it's like getting it for PhP 214.00 only.

I'm not into light hair. I just like my hair to be brown and it's okay if it has red or ashy finish, as long as it's in the brown shade. So I decided to get the Cherry Brown or RD 05.

I've heard good reviews about bubble dyes like they are easy to use, they don't smell bad, and that the formula isn't too strong that it would irritate the skin. I have heard some people (my friends mostly) that the color doesn't last too long. Well, I'd like to see if these testimonials are true so here goes.

Once you open the box, you'll see these items inside.

There's a pair of gloves and a wrap around plastic "robe"/gown that's more like a small poncho so that your clothes will not get stained. I still suggest you wear old, dark shirts just to be sure. :) There's also the conditioner, colorant, and the pump bottle with developer inside.

It comes with the instructions on how to use it. The english labels aren't here though but can be seen on the box (you can check the photo of the labels above). The illustrations are pretty easy to understand too.

After wearing the gloves, I put the colorant inside the bottle where the colorant already is. Close the bottle with the cap and mix the solutions together.

This is what the foam looks like after. 

But before you apply this, try to test first if you'll get any allergic reactions or just any irritations. Get a part of both solutions and test it on a small portion of you skin (for me it's on my arm). If you can do this a day or two before the planned date of coloring your hair, the better just to be sure.

So this was my hair prior to application:
Under fluorescent light, it's almost black! You can see where my hair was colored and the where the natural black part is at.

Here's my hair when I place it next to my window and captured the photo in a higher angle.

I applied it at the uncolored part first because it's darker but after 5 minutes, I applied and massaged it on the rest of my hair after. I experienced some stinging sensations while I have the dye on. I had to massage it to lessen the stinging. If I had to compare, I would say that it's no different than when I use the DIY dye kits from Revlon or Garnier or Hortaleza that I've used before. What I noticed though is that it contains a lot of product. The solution was able to coat the entirety of my hair with a lot of it left in the pump bottle. I tried to put everything just to make sure that the color will be evenly distributed.

I waited for 40 minutes until I rinsed it.

I used the conditioner after rinsing and I guess the amount is too little. I had to grab a different conditioner so that it covers all of my hair. The scent is fantastic though!

I let my hair dry naturally and what I noticed is that it felt dry, like all the moist in my hair was gone. I had to do some intense damage repair treatment to make my hair softer again.
My hair in natural lighting under the shade

I'm sorry if I wasn't able to take photos of my roots. I completely forgot about it. This was taken weeks ago (I dyed my hair during the first week of January then took this photo 3 days after). It came out even! I didn't have to dye it all over again. Yay!

My hair under the sun

But the cherry brown color is very visible. And I think that the color suits me for it made my skin look brighter. After 4 weeks, I think the color faded a little because I didn't use sulfate-free hair products or anything that's for color-treated hair for that matter (booo me). I asked my friends and they told me that the cherry brown color is still there but not as vibrant anymore, especially when indoors.

Have you tried any of Etude House Hot Style Bubble Hair Coloring? Which shade? What was your experience? Do you dye your own hair too?



  1. Looks great! I didn't think bubble hair dyes hurt. But it works well.

    1. I didn't thought so too before but at least this turned out well!

  2. I almost exclusively dye my hair myself. I'm kuripot that way. I have two boxes of bubble hair color here from different brands, but I haven't used them yet. Sa summer siguro.

    1. Me tooooo! I can only count the number of times I had my hair colored at a salon on one hand.