Sunday, February 14, 2016

Beauty Gems Ultimate Eye Kit 154 Pieces Color Collection

Hey guys!

It's Valentine's day!

As usual, it's a normal, casual day as I am still single. Haha! Anyway, I just had a date with this big makeup palette and had a swatch fest. 

Beauty Gems Ultimate Eye Kit 154 Pieces Color Collection

This was given as a Christmas gift by my friend to Liz and I.

As seen on the box, this set consists of 154 shades and is priced for only $14.99.

You can see the product details on the box.

I already have quite a number or eyeshadow palettes before this one came. I was actually hesitant to even open it because I worry that I won't be using it much. But seeing that it contains a lot of shades, more than half I still do not own, I think the palette will be handy, especially when I do creative makeovers.

I do wish they added more reds and oranges though. ;P

It contains three double-ended applicators... which I don't use since I prefer using brushes. :P

Anyway, check out the swatches below. I arranged it from left to right and the photos are for each row from top to bottom.

The product is pretty okay. It's not something I'd go crazy for. The pigmentation is mediocre and it is a bit chalky. The lighter shades, especially the matte ones need more pigmentation though. And I need to wear a good eyeshadow primer for it to stay on my oily eyelids for a long while. 

So yeah, it's just an okay product. I would probably use it when I do my creative makeup experiments, as I have mentioned, because I don't think it can last the whole day on my lids unless my primer is really, really good. I do love the color selections—154 is A LOT and it will definitely boost my creativity in creating more eye makeup looks. 

What do you think of the Beauty Gems Ultimate Eye Kit 154 Pieces Color Collection?



  1. Sooo fun! I still get sooo excited when I see large and colorful palettes but I pass them over since I know that I won't touch all the shades enough to use most of them properly. The swatches of the bright colorful shades do look good though! I know you'll have some great looks to come!

    1. Me too. I like having them but I also feel guilty because I also know that I wont use some. Good thing this was a gift so I don't feel as guilty. :P