Friday, July 24, 2015

ARTDECO Eyeshadow Glamour in 345 Glam Beige Rose

Hey loves!

I was at Robinsons Magnolia last week during their mid year sale. As usual, I wasn't planning on buying makeup but my senses to find products on sale were tingling and I ended up in the section of Beauty Bar where all the items were on sale. LOL

I bought a couple of items and this one is one of them...

ARTDECO Eyeshadow Glamour in 345 Glam Beige Rose

I was able to score this on sale for only PhP 192.50 from the original price of PhP 350.00.

I dunno if you know this by now but I LOVE sparkly stuff, my favorite cosmetic is eyeshadow, and I LOVE the color peach so obviously, this product was the first thing I saw among the bunch of items that were on sale (even if it's like an inch big only) and among the hundreds of eyeshadows available from the brand.

Just look at it!!! It's so glamorous!!! That is why it belongs to the Glamour range and well, it's name has "glam" on it too. Love it!

Here's a swatch on my hand

And here's how it looks like when I apply it:

I just added the brown eyeshadow at the outer corner of my eye. :)

The eyeshadow is pigmented but a little powdery. It can stay on without creasing the whole day provided that I have a good eyeshadow primer on. Yay! 

What I like about the color is how wearable it is. It's something I can use in the office or just out in the mall. I also like the fine shimmers that makes it so glam.

So happy that I was able to spot this at a lower price. I've been using this a lot lately, especially when I'm feeling extra feminine that day. I pair it with my Nars blush in Deep Throat and Revlon Lipstick in Pink in the Afternoon and the result is an instant "blooming" look!

What's your recent purchase that you really love?



  1. The color payoff of that looks real nice! And it's peach so pak na pak nga for you dear hahaha! My favorite recent purchase is the nichido liquid eyeliner, yung tig 68 lang kasi matte siya, hindi matindi yung pag smudge even after 5 hours and it's not hard to remove.. Plus syempre it's frugal hehehe... :3 By the way, have you tried the sansan hd liquid foundation? if so, anung effect sayo? :)

    1. Peach is <3! I haven't tried the San San HD Liquid Foundation e... just the concealer. :(

  2. I love how it makes your eyes sparkle! *wink!*