Monday, August 10, 2015

Review : Maybelline EyeStudio Crayon Brow in Brown

Hey dearies!

I was doing groceries some weeks ago and saw that some Maybelline products were on display in one of the isles. The most affordable from the bunch was this brow pencil...

Maybelline EyeStudio Crayon Brow in Brown

I was able to get it for PhP 99.00. I don't know if that was a discounted price or the regular price but I thought that it was so cheap and that it wouldn't hurt my wallet if I decide to get one to try out. If I like it, then that would be great since I would have a cheaper alternative compared to the recent brow products I use.

So obviously, I bought one. Only one shade was available at the Save More branch I was in—brown. My hair is colored (I think this is like a coffee bean brown...?) so I thought that was good. And if I base it on the color of the brows of the model on the packaging, I think it's pretty close to my hair color.

Info from the website:


Defines brows naturally.
Easy to use eyebrow pencil that creates natural looking brows instantly.

Creates natural looking brows instantly!
• Delivers precise application for evenly defined brows
• All day wear
• Comes with natural shades to match brow colors
• Easy to sharpen with sharpener
• Safe for sensitive eyes and ophthalmologist-tested
• Contact lens safe

What I like about brow pencils is that I don't need those angled brow brushes anymore that I need if I use powdered or gel brow products. I only need a sharpener every once in a while.

It's easy to carry around too and design-wise, I think it's a mix of girly and classy!

Given the right sharpener, the product won't break easily. It doesn't get too soft during the hot weathers so you won't get to experience the product breaking/sliding off from the pencil during application.

Everything seems good until I swatched it...

As you can see in the photo above, the swatch of the product is a pale brown shade. Don't get me wrong, this would be great for those who have fine brow hair strands... but for me who has thick ones, it will look odd. It's nowhere near the shade on the packaging too so I am quite disappointed. 

Check out how it works on my brows below.

Bare brows

With the EyeStudio Crayon Brow in Brown

The product made my brow hair so waxy and the brown shade was too light for my dark hair. My brows look so unnatural. :( The product settled on the hair... I guess my hair was too thick that it caught a lot of the product. :( On the bright side, it lasts the whole day!

I think this would work better to those with fine brow hair or thin brows. If you have thick brow hair, I suggest you try other products because you might end up having the same experience... 

What I LIKE:

- Affordable at P99.00 (I think this is a discounted price)
- Easy to carry
- Doesn't break easily
- Packaging
- Locally available
- Not too pigmented (good for people with heavy hands)
- Easy to use
- Long-wearing


- Comes with only two shades (Grey and Brown)
- The brown shade is too light for my dark brows
- Hair becomes waxy when the product is applied on it

Would I repurchase? No. The product just can't handle my dark brows. LOL Maybelline has other brow products I can try and maybe there's one that suits my brows better. :)

And that's my short thoughts on the Maybelline EyeStudio Crayon Brow in Brown! If you have thoughts about my review or if you have used this product and want to share your experience, please do post your comment below. :)



  1. I blend eyeshadow with my brow pencil when drawing my brows for a softer finish :) I always go for a soft straight korean style brows so it works :D I've seen this in stores for a long time but never bothered to buy it. I need 'em testers! XD

    1. True. I also use two brow products for a softer finish. Although this particular product would suit some people, it's not for me. Testers should be readily available.

  2. Have you tried applying it with an angled brush? Maybe that might make the experience better. Hey! At least it lasted the whole day :)

    1. I usually apply with an angled brush if I were using powder, liquid or gel products in a pot, but this is a pencil so it should be easy to use directly. I think it's just too waxy and the shade is too light for my dark brows. :P

  3. It's so cheap! And I actually like light brow products, but maybe something greyer or blacker. I look so bizarre (to me) when I wear browns and que horror, coppers.

    1. I need darker shades in my case. lol. They do have a grey shade. :P