Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Shine the Brightest—Journey with SkinWhite

I think it is safe to say that everyone has his or her own insecurities. I myself have quite a number of them… and it’s true that it will certainly make one feel embarrassed or shy or even to the point that they hate himself/herself. I had those days, several actually. I just wanted to blend in the background, to hide myself from people, from reality. These insecurities halt us from being the real us, from letting us get out of our shells and show the world who we really are, what we are really about. We are not confident enough with ourselves to LOVE ourselves wholeheartedly. I sure felt that way, especially when I was in high school with all the teenage angst and social pressure. The local media doesn’t help as well as it glorifies this “ideal” beauty that, well, not majority of us have, a sort of westernized look with the big eyes, pointed nose, and flawless fair skin. These really made my self esteem go downhill big time. I have acne-prone skin and I had zits all over my face and I was overweight majority of my life so it’s easy to say that I didn’t really stood-out in a good way in my class and I doubt that I was even considered beautiful, especially in my teens. I wasn’t interested in fashion because I had a hard time looking for clothes that fit me so I just looked awkward most of the time. I didn’t even try much back then. I was nowhere near being confident…

But this does not have to be the case. We don’t have to hide with all these insecurities. There are different ways for each of us to overcome them and thank God that I was able to somehow overcome majority of mine. With the help of supportive family and friends, I learned to love myself more despite of the different things about myself that I found unattractive. They helped me feel good about myself by accepting everything about me. If they were able to love me for me, why can’t I do that for myself? They were also there when I journeyed to solve some of my problems, like finding the right clothes that flatter my figure or helping me learn the right skincare routine to deal with acne and my other skin problems. I was also able to wear makeup when I got to college, which is something I absolutely fell in-love with. Being inclined to the arts, I love adding colors and defining features so putting on makeup was just doing another artwork for me. I get to feel good when I do it and I get to look good as a result! See! Everything will turn out better once you try to look at the positive things in your life. And life gets easier too when you have other people to help you feel better because you feel accepted and they recognize it when you improve on the things you want to get better at. You gain confidence to be yourself, I definitely did.

And I’m happy it turned out this way sooner than I have hoped. 

Knowing that you are loved and that all your efforts are validated is an important thing and I am happy that one of the leading brands in skincare recognizes that. This brand understands the pressures that society can do to a person and how one’s looks can influence how one feels. This brand not only promises to make your skin beautiful and fairer, but also make you feel gorgeous inside too so that you will shine bright! And this brand is none other than SkinWhite, the Philippines’ leading and pioneer skin whitening brand. 

Why do I say this? Well, they just launched a four-month campaign called #BetterMe. The goal of this campaign is to inspire and empower the Filipino teens. SkinWhite created The Captivate Council and held casting calls to scout the loveliest and most inspiring girls. From 500 aspiring teens, 25 girls stood out because of their unique accomplishments and their ability to inspire others with their “go-getty and stay confident attitude.” These girls were featured in magazines and events like the #BetterMeBall and they also did outreach activities and fitness parties—a holistic approach to become a #BetterMe indeed! Each member was taught how to look even more gorgeous to boost her confidence by using the different products by the brand such as the SkinWhite PowerWhitening Face Cream Powder and the SkinWhite Advanced PowerWhitening Lotion.

With this campaign, SkinWhite helped these outstanding girls to become even better and they can also share what they have learned from the activities they have joined during the four months that they’ve been in The Captive Council to their respective circles. They can help promote what SkinWhite wants our teens to be aware of, which is to empower and be reminded that everyone should be allowed to develop their own inner confidence to be their better self, a #BetterMe. 

It’s really impressive to know that SkinWhite also focuses on our youth. Like I’ve mentioned, this was the time that we were highly emotional and under a lot of peer pressure. Even SkinWhite’s current ambassador, Kim Chiu, loved this campaign and said, “SkinWhite’s #BetterMe campaign inspires me a lot. It makes us girls look at the brighter side of life. I can now say that I am a #BetterMe because of it.” Their campaign really helped these selected women feel more confident and become role models for others to do the same. I just love a beauty brand with a heart, don’t you? And I also love that it physically helps in making us achieve a beautiful radiant glow to make us shine even brighter! 

In the Philippines, a fairer skin is usually preferred and SkinWhite Advanced PowerWhitening Lotion helps with that. 

It promises to instantly whiten skin and it is equipped with vitanourish formula that’s spiked with vitamins B3, B5, and E to give intense skin moisturization and protects you from UV rays and further skin darkening with SPF20. Awesome, right? I especially like that it keeps your skin soft and what I love even more is that it has sunscreen because without the proper protection, the sun can really cause advanced skin aging.

Here’s a pic to show you the power of the lotion to INSTANTLY lighten the skin. Left leg is my bare leg and on the right one has the lotion applied. The right leg is a slightly lighter than the other one. Don’t you agree? I think the SPF adds to that whitening layer... I'll be using the lotion continuously and see how much it can help in whitening my skin. ;)

It’s been a pleasure applying this during daytime and before I go to bed because it really smells super good too! I LOVE the scent of all the products of SkinWhite that I have tried (this lotion as well as the cleanser and their soaps). If I smell good, that also adds to my confidence so good job at that as well, SkinWhite! 

And you know what’s even more awesome? You can get that soft and radiant glow with sun protection at a very affordable price! The prices of the SkinWhite Advanced PowerWhitening Lotion are as follows: P71 for 50ml, P123.25 for 75ml, P235 for 200ml. J 

It’s so great that SkinWhite not only provides the right products to make us beautiful physically but also help us, especially the youth, to overcome our insecurities and be more confident with ourselves. The campaign was very beautiful and I do hope that more and more people learn to love themselves from within and shine as bright as they could. 

Always be the brightest you can ever be! 



  1. I feel emotional while reading your thoughts because its true. We all have issues about ourselves that sometimes we forgot the good things about us thus our self confidence goes down. It is a good thing that you have overcome some of it because having insecurities is not healthy that is what I have learned Iguess.
    as to the product, I wonder if it is the same with this product that I have used. I applied the lotion and wipe it out with a tissue. It turns out, it is a tinted lotion that's why it appeared that the skin is lighter. :\

    1. If only our society doesn't have such high expectations from us, then we won't be dealing with so much. Instead of seeing the bad, why not search for the good qualities of a person. :)

      Yeah, I think the product has that temporary whitening layer on the skin. But I have to use the lotion continuously first to see if it can really whiten aside from that temporary tint. :D