Saturday, August 01, 2015

June-July (2015) Haul

Hey hey guys~!

I'm sooooo happy today because I was able to attend Bigbang's concert last Thursday night. The concert is a part of their MADE world tour. They sang really well live and... well, everything was perfect—the lights, the sound system, their voices, the audience singing with them, the funny conversations, everything!!! T.O.P was so cute when he said "Gusto mo ba?" which is the Filipino translation of the "You like?" statement that he loves to repeat nowadays. I also love his Piet Mondrian-inspired suit when he sang "Doom Dada." But even though my bias is still the gorgeous Tabi, I would have to say that Daesung took the gold as best Bigbang member of the night. His jokes, especially the "Nakikita niyo ba ako?" part was hilarious and his drum skills were the bomb! Anyway, I could go on with the fan girling but I would shut up now and just share with you the items I bought during the months of June and July. I didn't buy much makeup but I bet you'll find some of the items I bought interesting. :)

So here they are:

Some art books from National Book Store:

"Chinese Animal Painting Made Easy" by Rebecca Yue - P395.00 (I recently had a project to do a painting like the traditional Chinese artworks)
"How to Read Art" by Liz Rideal - P865.00
"Acrylic Made Easy: Portraits" by Susan Miller Bradbury - P399.00 (I need to improve in painting)

Some Art Materials of course!

Some chinese brushes ranging from P17.00 - 64.75
Gesso Primer P250.00
"Henry VI" - P137.50

While I was buying groceries, I saw these items on sale so I bought them:

Maybelline EyeStudio Crayon Brow in Brown - P99.00

Physiogel Cleanser (If you buy 1 500ml, I get a 300ml for free) - I forgot the price... I think it's around P600.

Another set of items I bought on sale. Now from Beauty Bar:

Burt's Bees Intense Hyrdration Eye Cream - P 507.50 (P1,450 before)
ARTDECO Eyeshadow Glam in Beige Rose Gold - P192.5 (P350 before)
Yadah Triple Tintin Gloss - P 100.00 (P395 before)

A Dorothy Perkins Dress, also on sale at 50% discount. Got this for P799.00 only.

Also did a mini shopping spree when we visited Tagaytay and shopping at the outlet stores at Paseo afterwards.

A Vanilla flavoured coffee from Bag of Beans, Tagaytay - P240.00

Guerlain Lingerie de Peau Foundation and Concealer for P2,500.00 (Original price was around P3,700)

2 pair of bras from Marks and Spencers for P1,650.00

A plant for my desk (Teehee) - P100 or was it P80?

I lost the receipt here but more art supplies were bought! LOL
An artsy envelope, Glittery Prang Watercolor, Smudger, Charcoal powder, China Ink, and some calligraphy stuff.

I didn't buy these but I think I should include this so expect to see these on future posts.
Jenna Hipp nail polishes and a Pantone Universe Lipgloss from a friend (thanks Anna!)

I also got some CLIO Nail Styler polishes and a Double Wear Hydrating CC-Dation from Singapore. My friend, Yuki, went there for a week vacation and asked her to buy me some products that aren't available in the Philippines yet. :P

And I also bought a few items from Daiso...
A set of post-its, some USB cables for my phone, Lace tapes, and...

THESE BOXES OF COTTON PUFFS! Lol Buy 3 sets (6 boxes) for only P188.00
Been buying these for more than a year and I love this promo! Lol

And I also bought this Pantene Color Revival Conditioner and a Mark Anthony Oil of Morocco Argan Oil Treatment when we were buying groceries at S & R.

Not in pictures were my BigBang lightstick purchase and... well, the concert ticket. LOL I was able to buy stuff during these months because of the mid year bonus. Haha!

And back to being poor again. I'll just daydream about the concert again. Oh T.O.P... :3



  1. I hoarded those cotton pads too XD And my mom took two boxes away but it's fine. I really didn't know about Beauty bar sale XD

    I started chinese painting when I was in 4th grade and kind of self studied it until 1st year hs but now I kind of forgot everything already. We only painted landscapes and flowers then, I was not taught how to paint animals, so I find that book interesting :D

    And I was able to buy good chinese brushes in china waaaaay back. It loads lots of water :D Hmmm I have bought some really annoying chinese brushes, they shred like crazy XD So what I do now is when I'm in Tuguegarao, there's a Japanese surplus store (fancy name for ukay ukay) which sells a lot of different things, I buy my chinese brushes there. My latest buy is a 10 peso brush with really really soft hair >.<

    1. These cotton pads are the bomb! Good quality and affordable!!!

      WOAH! I wanna visit that shop. I want to go to a Jap surplus shop but I dunno which one to visit. I know there are some in the metro. :P

  2. >_< I should really REALLY avoid going out now! I have to save up for a bazaar XD

    1. I say that to myself almost ALL THE TIME. Haha!

  3. Ahh a DP dress under 1k? That's awesome! Great hau, btwl!!! Hihihi. Enjoy the concert hangover! It's been over three yrs the last time I attended a concert eh. :D TC, Dawn.

    1. Thanks! Still not over it after almost a week. LOL! And yes, DP dresses can get lower than 1k when they have a major sale like the mid year and holiday sales. :D

  4. You have such an eye for stuff % off price, ate!! Envy! :(

    1. I'm beginning to think that this is a talent! ;)

  5. Are you going to post Bigbang's concert pics also? We'd love to see those :)

    1. I would but I don't have any. Only videos of their performances of my favorite songs. We were seated at the upperbox so I can't take decent photos. :( There are awesome video uploads in youtube that I watch everyday while working. LOL

  6. Great haul indeed! That Physiogel Cleanser is a great deal indeed.

    1. YES! That's probably one of the best deals I had. I think it's because they are releasing products in new packaging.

  7. Curious... buhay ba ung plant for your desk? Gusto ko maglagay nyan sa office. Haha!

    1. Yep! It's a live plant and it's quite low maintenance. My bro bought a cactus too!

  8. I also got Daiso's cotton pad for 25 pesos/box :D They are better and cheaper than cotton pads we see at supermarket. It is amazing how you find these items on sale. :D Great deal!

    1. Super true! I love the pads from Daiso! :D