Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Review : Get Lei'd Cosmetics 3D Fiber Mascara

Hey loves!

Before I got fond of eyeshadows and claiming them as my favorite makeup, I was in-love with mascaras. You can call mascaras my "first love." Even to this day, applying mascara is still a must whenever I apply my makeup. 

Lei Hosseinzadeh-Ang also LOVES mascaras. According to her website, she has tried so many but she was not able to find her HG. One day, her supportive husband suggested she create her own makeup (don't you just love it if your significant other understands and supports your passion???) and POOF! Get Lei'd Cosmetics was born! 

I didn't know about this Get Lei'd brand until I received this mascara set from my Saladbox last December. I didn't use the set immediately since I still had some mascaras opened that time. I was able to try it a couple of months ago. I was curious why there was a "setting mascara" and what the green tea fiber was for. Anyway, now that I've tried them, I will share with you my thoughts on this set. :D

Get Lei'd Cosmetics 3D Fiber Mascara
Php 995.00 per set

First thing's first, I LOVE the box it comes in! It looks very classy with the all black package and the metallic gold logo and font. 

Even the packaging of the products look classy. It's very simple but the gold fonts make it elegant. Good thing the designs don't fade easily because both tubes look alike (the one with green tea fiber is a little bit shorter) and it will be confusing which one you grab without the labels. 

So as mentioned, the set contains two products—a setting mascara and a tube containing the green tea fibers.

The set comes with the card above containing the directions on how to use each product, the product info, and where the set is available.

This is the wand of the setting mascara.

The swatch on my hand.

It's pretty much the usual mascara. It's waterproof, black, and adds definition to your lashes. When I'm in a hurry, I just use this and skip the fiber and it still works great alone.

This is the wand for the Green Tea Fiber.

A closeup of the fibers

You apply these fibers right after applying the setting mascara. I use the wand just like how I use mascaras. 

Interested to know how this mascara + green tea fiber work? Check out the photos of my lashes below...

Closeup of my lashes without any product on

My lashes with the setting mascara applied

My lashes are blacker/more defined. I actually use the setting mascara alone when I'm in a hurry. This gives a very natural finish on your lashes. It reminds me of my first favorite mascara, the Maybelline Lash Discovery where it's still my lashes but blacker. :D

My lashes after applying a coat of the green tea fiber

My lashes look longer and fuller! The fibers added length and volume but still made my lashes look very natural! What's not to love??? I'm very, very impressed with this product! The only thing that I'm not fond of is the part when the fibers fall on my cheek when I apply them. What I do is I apply a lot of translucent powder under my eyes and on my cheeks when I apply the fibers then sweep off the powder with the fallen fibers afterwards.

This is waterproof and I don't experience the "panda eyes" when I have this on all day. No smudges under my eyes at all. It's quite easy to remove too, something that I really appreciate for a waterproof mascara (because rubbing your skin around the eye area is a no-no!). It's really a good everyday mascara!

So to summarize my thoughts:

What I LIKE:

- Natural Finish
- Lengthens and Volumizes
- Waterproof
- No smudging
- Easy to remove
- Locally available
- Packaging
- No irritations encountered


- Fibers fall on my cheek when I apply
- Takes a little bit more time to apply compared to other mascaras

Would I repurchase? I'm not so sure. I love it but using two products to get the finish I want takes more time than I would prefer. I've tried some mascaras that can lengthen and volumize in just one coat so yeah... I'm still torn. But I definitely recommend this product because it really is good.

If you're interested to know more about Get Lei'd Cosmetics, check out their instagram page!

Have you tried the Get Lei'd Cosmetics 3D Fiber Mascara? Have you tried something similar to this?



  1. It's cool pero ma-effort :P Heroine Make is can probably deliver the same result but it's really hard to remove so I don't use it often anymore. My first love is lip tint :D

    1. True. I also like the one from Heroine Make (even though it's so difficult to remove nga) pero if you add 3 or more coats, the finish won't look so natural. This one, on the other hand, really makes your lashes look so natural after applying those fibers. :P

  2. I am kinda hesitant on those fibers that fall. I hope they do not get into the eyes. But I agree that it gives volumes and lengthens the lashes.

    1. So far, I did not experience that problem. :)

  3. sounds cool! pero medyo weird yung may fibers.. :)

    1. Yeah. I was a bit turned off at first but it does work really well. :)