Monday, August 31, 2015

The Body Shop: Spa of the World Launch Event

Good evening ladies,

It has been quite sometime since I have written something here and it always seems to be that  my break from writing is a The Body Shop event. This time is no exception, and I have to say that this event is also a timely break from my 3 months of stress preparing for board exams.

So to start off this post, The Body Shop always amazes us with great lines of beauty products (like make-up lines and face and body care) and products that are not what the world would call an absolute necessity but what current times would demand as necessary. With the principle of "Escapism starts at home" The Body Shop launched it's Spa of the World collection with the hope that we, their beloved customers, find our mini spa vacation and relaxation right in the comforts of our home. Let's face it, this generation's face-paced lifestyle makes it hard for one to take a break and pamper oneself at the spa.

Schematics of the events

For this launch, TBS had created a green oasis amidst the background of metal and concrete white walls of SM Makati filled with soothing sounds, healthy foods, great company, and of course the relaxing smell of their new line of products permeating this little piece of spa heaven.

They had set-up hand massage stations to let the guests try this new line of product. So let me walk you through the collection.

The Spa of the World collection aims to let you experienced the most treasured ancient beauty rituals around the world that are cherished for their precious effects on skin. Like all TBS' products the materials also come from the finest and kindest Community Fair Trade ingredients from diverse areas of the world.

They have three body rituals which may appeal to you, and each has it's own recommended products for use. These three are: Relaxing Ritual, Revitalising Ritual, and Blissful Ritual. So let me briefly introduce the products included in this collection. I will post a more extensive product info in the next posts so please watch out for that.

Relaxing Ritual

African Ximenia Scrub
Himalayan Charcoal Body Clay
Japanese Camellia Cream
French Lavender Massage Oil

Revitalising Ritual

Dead Sea Salt Scrub
Moroccan Rhassoul Body Clay
Thai Lemongrass Massage Oil

Blissful Ritual

Polynesian Monoi Radiance Oil
Hawaiian Kukui Cream
Tahitian Orchid Massage Oil

The Spa of the World costs around 1950 to 2000+ for the scrubs, around 1400 for the masks and around 1200 for the oils. Full product details and prices will be posted in the next posts which I will link here as soon as it's up.

But, it did not stop there. The Body Shop, who is ever dedicated in helping us ladies (and men probably) in bringing out and protecting our natural beauty, also launched Oils of Life. The collection comes in three formulation: an essence lotion, a cream, and facial oil.

Within this collection are three precious seed oils from around the world namely:

Known for its concentration in antioxidants from the Egyptian Nile Valley

Naturally rich in nutritive oleic acid from the evergreen trees of China

Rich in Omega 3 and 6 from the Andes foothills of Chile

Originally intended for more mature women, this product aims to give new life for your skin. TBS now also campaigns for the ladies (and gents if they want) to start young. With the same principle as prevention is better than cure, it's a great way to help keep your skin nourished and fresh before any major damage hits it. The product promises nothing but the following:

84% AGREE*
82% AGREE**
72% AGREE**

The event was brief but gave out a number of treats for their guests. A photo contest was held via twitter with 20,000 TBS GC up for grabs. The winner was announced the same day and it was Ms. Maison Manzano, congratulations to her. 

Although the ever popular cupcakes weren't served in the event, a very scrumptious and healthy buffet was provided by Fitness which aptly fits the days theme of relaxing getaway.

This event was also Dolly's first after joining The Body Shop so congratulations to her and welcome. :)

And lastly, here we have the goodies that they gave for us to try. Dawn and I split the two so expect a review in the coming month.

LOVE the box.

That's all for the mean time. They're already available in stores and I think SM Advantage has a 10% off offer when you buy them. So enjoy and start your own mini spa at home.


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