Wednesday, July 29, 2015

YADAH Triple Tintin Gloss

Hey loves!

It's international lipstick day! Yayyy! Time to get your favorite lipsticks out and wear them proud! I'm wearing one of my favorite, my MAC Ruby Woo as of the moment I am writing this particular blog post. I've already made a post about it though so for today, I'll share the newest one in my collection. It's not a lipstick though but it's a combination of lipglosses and a lip tint...

YADAH Triple Tintin Gloss Lipgloss

And if you don't know me already, I usually buy makeup if they are on sale or if they belong to my favorites. So yeah, this one was on sale! I got this for only PhP 100.00 from the original price of PhP 395.00.

On their packaging, you can read their claims that this product is paraben-free (preservatives, more info here), mineral oil-free (info here, some may be allergic to this like my sis), ethanol-free (alcohol can cause drying or irritation), triethanolamine-free (an emulsion to bind water and oil soluble ingredients, can cause allergic reactions), and propylene glycol-free (another alcohol).

I'm no expert at all those ingredients but I try to google what they are about. I provided links so you can see for yourself what these chemicals and oils are about. :)

Anyhoo... besides being hugely discounted, I bought it because it's a three-in-one product. You get a red lip tint and two glittery lip glosses for a value of PhP 100! I bought this during the mid year sale this July in case you're wondering. :)

Here are closeup pictures of the product. I took photos of how it looks like per part of the product to see how it works and how the applicators look like.

This one is the clear, glittery gloss

Translucent pink gloss

Red lip tint

Here are the swatches. All so beautiful and sparkly. :3

The tint leaves a stain too so your lips will remain reddish for a long while.

Below are swatches of the tint and glosses. I provided swatches of how they look like combined. Just for an easier way to caption and understand each swatch, I will mark them by the following:

1 = red tint
2 = translucent pink gloss
3 = Clear gloss

1 only

2 only

3 only

1 + 2

1 + 3

1 + 2 + 3

With just this product, I was able to create various looks! Below are pics of me with all three shades applied on my lips:

I love the effect when I applied the pink gloss on top of the tint! It's so wearable and I think it would look good in most (if not all) skin color. It's a great find and I think it would be great for traveling since you don't have to stick to one look with this in hand. Although, since the amount per shade is small, especially the tint, it will only last a short while if you use this frequently... which is not a big deal for me! I love it when I get to finish a makeup product! I feel like I got my money's worth... and I was able to get it so cheap! So happy! :3

And that, my dear, is my post for international lipstick day! A nice addition to my stash... I'll go hug my lipstick collection later when I get home and maybe share a pic on Instagram. Hihihi. :P 

And oh! It's also world lasagna day! Care for some lasagna? ;)



  1. 100? When? hahaha. So cheap and the tint is beautiful! I like the 1+3 combo the most based on your swatches :)

    1. It is! I was able to get them during the mid year sale last July! :D

  2. Andaming ways to wear. It almost looks 3D. I'm used to you wearing matte, but glossy lips also suit you. :D

    1. If only glosses last long, I'd wear them too! I love their sparkly quality!