Sunday, July 12, 2015

DEWINS Coenzyme Q10 Mask Pack

Hey loves!

When I was on a vacation in Jeju with my family, we went crazy shopping for skincare products. One thing I know about most Koreans is that they take care of their skin very well, thus, I took advantage of being in Jeju and stock up with all the masks I can get because they are much, much more affordable to buy there.

One of the places we went to recommended I try these Coenzyme Q10 Masks from DEWINS. I didn't know this brand to be honest. Actually, even though every couple of years I see a new Korean makeup brand opening here, there are soooo many more brands there that aren't in the Philippines yet. And DEWINS is one of them.

I did check out JSM Duty Free's website and learned the DEWINS is actually a brand under Samsung. It was founded in 2002 so I still consider it fairly new. They started expanding in 2007 and opened their stores in other countries such as Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan and Thailand.

I bought the mask even though I wasn't aware of the brand because they were in a promo. If you buy a number of packs, you get more. I can't remember how many packs I bought... but I bought a lot! Haha! It doesn't hurt that this beauty brand is under a very known brand, which is Samsung. ;)

I'm no expert in skin care. I don't even have a background in chemistry to know what most of the ingredients are about (I just google them). I did find a website, (, that helped me understand why Coenzyme Q10 masks are popular in Korean beauty skincare. Coenzyme Q10 (Co Q10) apparently has high antioxidants that help fight skin aging. It says, "CoQ10 may boost skin repair and regeneration and reduce free radical damage. Furthermore, CoQ10 is a small molecule that can relatively easily penetrate into skin cells." Our body naturally produces CoQ10 but as we grow older, the amount of CoQ10 goes down as well. So to summarize this, using products with CoQ10 can help our bodies fight skin aging better.

At the box and the back of each sachet, you'll see the product info, ingredients list and the directions on how to use it.

But a more detailed description can be found on their website:

DEWINS Q10 synergistic complex of collagen extracts and ginseng extract has excellent skin nutrients to strengthen the role of reactive oxygen species can reduce damage to the skin, the shape of firmness, elasticity, smooth young skin. With natural plant moisturizing ingredients to soothe and calm soothing moisturizing skin, improve epidermis moisture, giving the skin elasticity and glow shiny clarity, steering the skin to its best.

Soothing moisturizing elastic compaction: Collaborative nano sphere and the role of long-lasting moisturizing ingredients acceleration factor-Q10 and collagen synthesis, can continue to moisturizing the skin, giving the skin tight and elastic

Magic nano sphere Nanospheres production technology, giving you an unprecedented experience beautiful

Carry large amounts of natural moisturizing factor of nano-spheres, its void structure can enhance the adsorption capacity of the active ingredient, so that even long-term gradual release of nutrients that can pay immediate and long-term water supply, and for a long time to maintain a sense of skin moisture

The role of quality ginseng extract essence, soybean plant collagen and Q10 ultra-moisturizing factors, such as multiple components that can be securely lock moisture into the skin while attaining effectively improve the skin dry, rough phenomenon, collagen component can effectively improve the skin fine lines, relaxation aging rapidly restore skin elasticity, strengthens skin firmness, pulling up to show beautiful face

Main Effect
Antioxidant anti-aging, wrinkle moisturizing, soothing, strengthening skin firmness

After facial cleansing, unfold the mask and put it on the face, to be 15 to 20 minutes to remove the mask and the face of the remaining Essence, gently massage until absorbed. 2 to 3 times per week using

The liquid with the mask sheet is thicker than water, it's a bit slimy but not sticky. It doesn't have a strong smell so the scent would not be an issue. The mask sheet doesn't fit perfectly on my face though, it doesn't reach the end of my jaw area, unfortunately. I leave it on for 20 minutes, but the sheet is still wet after that time, so sometimes I leave it on longer but most of the time I just wipe it on my neck, arms, and legs so that the essence is not wasted. I do that too to the fluid left on the pack. And by the way, I don't experience any stingy feeling, especially on my eyes when I have the mask on.

I actually have a lot so I can use them as instructed. I use them twice a week unless I have a different mask I would like to try. And so far, I am in-love with them! I get it now why the SA's there were praising this product even though they have dozens of brands there (and no, it's not because it's gonna expire soon that's why they want them all sold, you can actually see the expiration date at the back of each mask sachet and it's okay for two more years). I love the feeling of my skin after I use this. It feels smoother, tighter and firmer, perfect for those days that my face feels and looks puffy, mostly due to those tiring, sleepless nights when I'm doing requirements for my grad school classes. It doesn't make my skin as soft as some masks I've used but I think this is one of the best in making my skin firmer and tighter! My face really feels like it's rejuvenated. :)

So what's your current go-to face mask?



  1. Hi! Can I ask if you still buy Dewins' products and if yes where do you buy them here in the Philippines or you order online? Last time, we bought dewins from Korea, they told us they have a store in BGC. But we still couldn't find it. Thank you so much!

    1. Unfortunately, I haven't. The only place I was able to get this was also in S. Korea and I haven't been there since. :(