Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Pamper Weekends with Caronia Hand and Foot Care System

Hey everyone!

I think many of you would agree with me that our feet suffer the most after a long work day when it comes to our body, especially now that it's the rainy season! I work in UST and that place gets flooded quite easily after a couple of hours of heavy rain. We expose our feet to long walks when we commute, getting soaked in the rain/flood while wearing closed shoes, occasionally wearing uncomfortable footwear (I've done this a lot just to look a little prettier. Haha!), and just plain carrying our weight everyday (THIS!!! Haha! I am plus-sized and I have small feet. So yeah, my feet take a lot of pain everyday! Haha!) ! As a result, we get callus, cracks, and sometimes blisters. Yikes! 

So I make it a habit that when I get home, the first thing I do is to remove my shoes and let my feet rest for a while before I do chores or take a bath and such for at least thirty minutes. 

I would like to treat my feet for a luxurious foot spa once a week if I could but the practical me would not want to spend so much money if I can just do it myself at home! 

And here's where the Caronia Hand and Foot Care System comes in. This is a range from Caronia that help our hands and feet to look good and moisturized. I currently have the Rejuvenating Soak and Wash, Renewing Scrub, and Nourishing Cream. I have tried the Nourishing cream before and I liked it very much that I bought another one. I love the scent because it's green tea, and I LOVE green tea! 

I was recently included to their blogger list whom they keep updated about the newest trends and products of the brand. I'm happy to grab the opportunity because Caronia is indeed a leading brand when it comes to nail, hand, and foot care in our country. Anyway, the products above were given to me by the brand almost a month ago along with a cute pink case and a towel. I've been using them ever since I received them and I'll share my quick thoughts about them. :)

But first, check out the press release below about the range:


The rainy season is here and as we prepare for the wet days ahead, sometimes it's easy to forget to take care of our body.

These unpredictable days normally soak our hands and feet, making them prone to dryness after some time. But don't worry because we have got you covered with the Caronia Hand and Foot Care System - three quick steps that will give you a soothing and rejuvenating hand and foot spa experience:

       STEP ONE: Caronia Revitalizing Soak & Wash - Cleanse, soothe, and soften your hands and feet with the luxurious blend of Green Tea fragrance, soothing menthol and skin-softening dead sea salt.

       STEP TWO: Caronia Renewing Scrub – Exfoliate dead skin cells and ease tired hands and feet muscles with the gentle mix of apricot seeds and white wax beads plus the calming infusion of Green Tea fragrance, massage oils and menthol

       STEP THREE: Caronia Nourishing Crème – Smoothen and hydrate your hands and feet with the mix of Panthenol combined with refreshing green tea fragrance.

And you're done! So try the Caronia Hand and Foot Care system now and have fun in the rain!


So as I have mentioned, I do this almost every weekend. The three steps are pretty simple to follow and you don't need to buy other expensive items to pamper your hands and feet. Everything is affordable including the Caronia range!

Just get your products, a towel, a wash basin, and a floor rug (for cleanliness reasons). A foot brush and pumice is optional. :)

I took pictures of each product, just click the photo or open it on another tab for a bigger view and to read the labels. :) I also took pictures of the usual process I do when I treat my feet with the Caronia Hand and Foot Care range.

I first soak my feet in a wash basin with the Revitalizing Soak and Wash. The amount I use depends on how much water I have in my basin. I don't have a particular amount in mind, I just estimate it according to the foam and the scent. :P

I soak my feet for 15-30 minutes. I usually watch an episode of a TV series that I like during that week. I also brush it with a foot brush after for further cleaning. I sometimes use the pumice to get rid of surface dead skin.

After soaking, I massage the Renewing scrub.

I massage the product for a good 5 minutes. I like that the beads that help exfoliate aren't too gritty but they are not too soft as well. 

Finally, the Nourishing Creme. I apply this the last and I also apply it every night before I hop into bed.

The consistency is not too thick. This cream helps to keep your hands and feet moisturized but if you want intensive moisturization, then I think you should look for it from a different product. I think this is more on maintenance... at least for me based on my experience. 

It's awesome that you can achieve a spa experience at the convenience of your home using these products from Caronia. I'll definitely continue with my weekend foot spa routine and pamper my feet with love and the awesome scent of green tea! :D

If you want to try the range out, Caronia products are available in leading Department Stores, Supermarkets, Drug Stores, and Health and Beauty shops nationwide.

For more information and updates,visit http://caronia.com.ph or follow Caronia:



  1. Hmmm....interesting. This looks like a great one to try out. I will check on this and see how it works on my skin.

    1. Hope you will like them! Happy pampering!