Friday, July 10, 2015

First Thoughts : By Terry Sheer-Expert Perfecting Fluid Foundation

Hey loves!

I hope you're all chilling inside your homes because the rain is currently pouring hard as I am writing this blog post. 

So my sis who is residing in Australia sent me some makeup a few months ago. Along with the products were these sachets of... 

 Terry Sheer-Expert Perfecting Fluid Foundation

I haven't tried this nor any products from the brand. I actually wasn't aware of this beauty brand at all. So I did some research and learned that this brand was founded by Terry de Gunzburg. She is renowned in the world of makeup and fashion and "has been dubbed 'The genius of make-up and the guru of color' by journalists and fans alike." She collaborated with YSL to develop the brand By Terry.

And basing my judgement on the prices of the products, I think By Terry belongs to the high-end side and certainly something that I can't easily buy. Haha! So I thank my sister for giving me a chance to try something quite expensive for my budget. Haha!

Here are closeup shots of the sachet so you can check what the product is about:

And more product info from the website:

A professional background liquid foundation, fusion, imperceptible to the futuristic technology IMC® (Intensive Mimetic Camouflage) combining remedial skills, sensory extreme and perfect mastery of light to reveal the perfection of the complexion while transparency. 

A gradient of 12 beige merging with any skin tone for a customized skin. 
The complexion is perfectly corrected, unified, bright natural.

Application Tips: Use your fingertips or with the FOUNDATION BRUSH PRECISION 6, apply small touches on forehead, nose, cheeks and chin and fade evenly from the center of the face outwards.

The full size (35ml) tube is €49.00 (which is around PhP 2,500.00) on the website. It probably costs more in Australia though (It's $84.00 at Mecca) where my sis got the samples.

So let's get on to business...

I'm excited to try it out because I'm very curious on what this can do (especially since it's quite expensive). My sister sent it to me to try so I guess this must be good. 

Here's a drop of the foundation. The shade I have is Neutral Beige, which is a little lighter and beige-ier than my skin tone. I think I am more of a Honey Beige or an Intense Beige if I base it on the swatch photos of the shades provided on the Mecca website

The first thing I noticed when I swatched this is the strong floral scent. It's quite pleasant and I don't really mind if my foundation is scented. I actually like it. 

The second thing I noticed is how light it feels. It's non-sticky and very sheer.

So I tried it on my face. Here's how it looked like: 

Bare skin

with By Terry Sheer-Expert Perfecting Fluid Foundation in Neutral Beige

As you can see, the coverage is indeed sheer. It did lessen the redness of some of my little pimples and areas around my nose. With this foundation on, it still looks like my skin but better because it covered some of the redness on my face. It kept that natural shine and it feels like I don't have any makeup on because it is so lightweight. 

I used it when I went to the office and the staying power is quite decent. I guess it took half a day before it faded on my oily skin. 

One sachet can last around 3 applications for me. After using 2 sachets of this, I think this product is really good. I love how it feels like I'm not wearing makeup and it made my skin look really nice. But unfortunately, the sheerness is just not for me. I have acne-prone skin and I prefer more coverage to hide my acne. They do have a different product for that—the Cover Expert Perfecting Fluid Foundation. Now that's a product I'd like to try next!

But if you have good skin and you're looking for a product with sheer coverage and just want to correct and balance your face's skin tone, then you should check this product out!



  1. too bad that it's sheer... I think for me a foundation should be called as one if it has medium coverage.. otherwise, I'd consider it as BB Cream without much of the benefits hehehe...

    1. Or maybe a tinted moisturizer? Haha! BB Creams have changed e. It was supposed to be makeup with lots of benefits including sunscreen, moisturization, and even healing properties to rejuvenate skin faster (that's why these were given to those who underwent face surgeries or have illness/complications on the skin, if I got it right). Anyway, I understand that there are women who only need sheer coverage (damn their smooth, acne-free skin), who only want to even their skin tone from the redness or dullness of their skin color so I don't mind sheer foundations, but that's just not the case for me. :P