Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Review : Veet Hair Removal Cream for Sensitive Skin

Hey girls!

 Do you wax or shave your legs? I do. I also did that on my arms before but I stopped because I'm not too annoyed with the hair on my arms, unlike those on my legs. You see, I inherited the "balbon" gene or what Filipinos call those that are hairier than most women, so I have experimented on different ways to remove unwanted hair. I've started shaving in high school when I noticed that my leg hair doesn't look pleasant and that when i wear jeans, the hairs become curly! I just have to get rid of them.

 I have mentioned before that I prefer waxing when it comes to removing unwanted hair. I still prefer it (because I am not financially equipped to get laser treatments lol) but there are instances that I do not want to feel the pain of waxing. Like, come on. I like that it takes a while for the hair to grow back and that it feels smoother because the hair that grows back is finer, BUT IT'S JUST AWFULLY PAINFUL. Haha! So yeah, there are occasions that I want to have painless days so I go back to shaving and hair removal creams. But if I were to choose from the two, I'd go with the creams.

Why? In my experience, it takes a few days longer for the hair to grow back. The hair is still prickly but I think it's less prickly with creams because I think that the hair is slightly melted from the tip unlike when shaved, the hair is just chopped or sliced off. I'm not sure if my experience is the same as other's though. 

The hair removal cream that I use is...

The Veet Hair Removal Cream 

It is Php 247.00 (100ml) and Php107.00 (25ml). 

Actually, this tube was given to me by the brand, but I have been using their creams before. I think I've only used hair removal creams from 3 brands and Veet is the brand that I have purchased more because it's so easy to find (it's available in Watsons, Mercury Drugstores, SM, Robinsons and other leading supermarkets and department stores nationwide). And of course, because it's very effective. :)

So here are pics of the labels on the box. You can find a short product description, precautions and directions, and ingredients. Please, please, PLEASE read the labels first before using ANY product. :)

The labels at the back of the tube is pretty much the same as what's written on the box.

When you buy this, you'll get a tube of cream and a plastic spatula to remove the hair and cream from the legs.

I like that they include the spatula because some of the creams I have used just instructed to use a towel in removing the hair. It's still effective but the hair on the towel takes time and is pretty much a hassle to remove.

I have sensitive skin so I use the sensitive skin variant. For each variant, there is a different minimum and maximum time you should leave the product on. I saw this instruction on their Facebook page:

See the minimum & maximum minutes for each variant of the hair removal cream:
Normal - 3 minutes (min); 6 minutes (max)
Sensitive - 5 minutes (min); 10 minutes (max)
Dry - 3 minutes (min); 6 minutes (max)
Suprem'Essence - 3 minutes (min); 6 minutes (max)

The cream's scent is quite strong though. I don't like the smell of hair removal creams in general but I do notice that they have almost the same kind of smell. I guess it's because of the chemicals/ingredients used. Veet's is pretty strong though.

So I apply it generously on my legs. After 5 minutes, I removed some hair on test area to see if the hair is ready to be removed.

On the picture you can see that not all hair was removed on the test area so I left the cream on for another 3 minutes.

Sorry if this looks disgusting but I just want to show you that the hair gets melted by the cream. And the spatula is very handy!

And this is what my thigh looks like after I removed the cream and washed it thoroughly (with water only, do not use soaps, especially the perfumed ones). I have sensitive skin so there are those redness that usually appear on my skin. I didn't felt and stingy or tingling sensation. I don't think it's anything to be too concerned about because this is pretty normal for me when I apply or even put pressure on my skin, even when I lightly scratch my skin, it gets all red easily compared to others'. (If you're still concerned, my mom's a doctor and she knows about this ^_^)

And after two weeks, this is what the same thigh looks like. (And yes, it has redness because I wore jeggings that day. Haha!)

As you can see, the hairs have started to grow but the strands are actually fine and not too prickly in my opinion. It's not annoying to touch because the hair isn't rough at all. I am completely satisfied with the performance of Veet and I think I will still use this again when I am not in the mood for a painful wax. ;)

What I LIKE:
- Easy to use

- Painless
- Affordable
- Locally available
- Comes with a spatula
- The tube is easy to squeeze out the product
- Compared to shaving, the hair takes longer to grow and is not as prickly
- Didn't irritate my skin


- Scent

Do you also remove hair using hair removal creams? Any thoughts on this particular one?



  1. Oohh thanks for the review! I hate shaving my legs using hair removal creams on it. I'm just not used to it I think. Also when they start to grow it's annoying as F. :)) haha So I just don't do it.

    1. I don't like the prickly feeling either. I just wax. It hurts but it feels better in the long run. :P Pain is beauty. Haha!

  2. hmm.. just a question, do you think this will also work for the armpit area? :)

    1. I think it works but I am hesitant to use it there. This cream is full of chemicals that I'm not too sure if it can cause skin darkening. Better ask a derma on that to be sure I guess. :P

  3. I also use VEET! Been using it for about 8 years now because it's the most convenient for me. Being balbon is such a hassle in this age of shorts and dresses, ;)

    1. Convenience is the thing that Veet is the best at compared to other brand competitors. And yes, being balbon is a hassle! Grr!

  4. Is your legs hair becomes darker after you use that cream?

    1. I don't think it get's darker. It's pretty much the same as when I shave.