Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Review : The Face Shop Designing Eyebrow Pencil

Hey loves!

When putting on makeup, I try to keep my brows groomed and if needed, shaped using brow makeup, so that my brows can frame my face better. I know many who believe that kilay is life when it comes to ones makeup look, so I try to equip my makeup stash with good brow products. 

Lately, I've been using brow pencils because it's easier and faster to use. The one/s I'm using are...

The Face Shop Designing Eyebrow Pencil
Each brow pencil is PhP 225.00, but I was able to get it on a Buy 2, get 1 promo.

I bought the darkest shades because I have dark brow hair.

Info from the website:
A rectangular-tipped eyebrow pencil with smooth application for easier eyebrow drawing without irritation
Suitable for make up beginners
Available Colors:
01 Light Brown
02 Gray Brown 
03 Brown
04 Black Brown 
05 Dark Brown 

It also contains the ingredients list on a sticker on the bottom cap of the pencil.

The pencil actually has two caps on each end. One has the pencil while the other houses the brow brush that helps you blend the product.

It's a twist-up product and has a triangular shape. It makes it easier to glide the pencil on your brow and will not give you a very sharp, and pointed line. We want a natural looking brow and not a dark and sharp one.

Here are the swatches. From top to bottom: Gray Brown, Brown, Dark Brown

As you can see on the swatches, the lines produced are soft and most importantly, not sharp. It creates soft lines that blend well to fill in the brows without looking harsh. What I did notice though is that it's more pigmented than the brow pencils I've used from other Korean brands.

Anyway, check out below how they work on my brows:


with gray brown


dark brown

Well, I really do have dark brow hair. I need a brow mascara to make them blend well. But I do think that The Face Shop Designing Eyebrow Pencils are very easy to work with, affordable, and fills in the brow with a soft finish.

It can last the whole day on my oily skin. I don't touch my face much so that helps a lot there. :P

What I LIKE:

- Affordable
- Locally available
- Soft, but pigmented lines
- Easy to use
- Comes with a brow brush
- Available in five shades
- No need to sharpen
- Long-lasting
- Slim and classy packaging


- Nothing... I do think that it can be more pigmented than what I expected, but just make sure to work it with light hands.

Would I recommend it? Yes!

And that's my review, folks! I hope this is helpful!


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