Wednesday, May 03, 2017

Makeup Experiment #18 : Snow White / Evil Queen

Hello lovelies!

After a long while, I'm back with a new makeup experiment! Weeeeeee!

Actually, this isn't really new. We actually made this look and photoshoot almost two years ago... when Liz's hair wasn't purple. Haha! These have been sitting in my laptop for so long along with my other Disney-themed experiments. I actually posted one experiment with a Disney character, Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas, back in November, But technically, it's not part of this series because I only did one look there.

What do I mean, you say? Well, I have this project that I've started two years ago—to make looks based on Disney movies, specifically one of the protagonist and one of the antagonist. As a big Disney kid, this got me so excited and asked some friends to be my models!

So now, let me unveil to you one of these experiments. Let's start with the princess that started it all—Snow White! Of course, let's not forget the... uhhh... second fairest of them all (!?)—the Evil Queen!

I had my Peachy Pink Sisters partner, Liz, as my model! Yay!
I didn't go all crazy in this experiment. The looks are actually very wearable!

Makeup by : Me 
Hairstyle : Liz and I
Model : Liz
Photos by : Me
Place taken : My room

For Snow White, I just made sure I made her skin really fair. I think we skipped like 10 shades lighter than her true skin tone! I made her eyes round and the colors very minimal. I was supposed to give her a very red lippie (you know, as red as blood), but I reserved it for the Queen. 

Liz has this black corset-like blouse that I paired with a flower crown to complete the look. 

It's also good that her hair during this time was short. I think it gives that extra "innocence" in the character.

And below is my bad attempt in photoshop to make her look like she's sleeping on a flower bed. LOL

And now, for the evil queen...

Look at another photoshop attempt to add an apple on her hand. Hahaha!

Careful, it's poisonous! Haha... nah, it's fake. :P

A sharp, smokey eye paired with red lips!

I wish we had a crown though. It could have made the look complete.

It was actually hard to get the right poses. We took more than a hundred shots combined to produce these photos. But I think Liz did a good job. She's really pretty despite the fact that she rarely gets a full night of sleep during that time. 

And that's all for this post. I hope you're excited to see the other Disney-themed experiments I made with friends. :)

So what do you think of this experiment?


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