Sunday, May 07, 2017

Miniso False Eyelash

Hello loves!

Love using falsies? I don't usually wear them, but there are some occasions that I'd like my eyes to be prettier and more expressive.

Since I don't use them often, I only buy the cheaper ones. Haha! Here's one that I bought a few months back. I think this particular one gives the exact effect that I want my eyes to have when I wear falsies.

It's a set of false lashes from Miniso!

I'm glad that Miniso is here in the country. I could get so many items for affordable prices. This set is only PhP 99.00!

And the set consists of 10 pairs! Awesome, right???

Miniso carries different shapes of false eyelashes. Most are shorter than my natural lashes though. BUT this particular one is what I like. It gets longer at the outer corners.

See? It's perfect when I do my cat eyes. I like wearing winged eyeliner. 

To see how it enhances my lashes, see the photos below.

Bare lashes

with the false lashes

I didn't put other products except for the falsies. It already looks great on its own, but imagine how much better it would look when I curl the lashes and coat some mascara. It would look even better with a winged eyeliner!

So if ever you're in a Miniso branch, do look this false lashes up. Also get a good lash glue so you can enjoy this good and affordable buy!



  1. Hello, I was about to buy that falsies. May I ask if there's an adhesive/glue for free?

    1. No. I don't remember it having a glue inside. I'm not completely sure though. :P

  2. Hi. Is one pair good for one use?

    1. I reuse mine a few more times as long as I clean them properly. After removing the dried glue, I use a makeup remover first to get rid of mascara that touched the lashes and then disinfect with rubbing alcohol. If the falsies are still in good shape after this, I don't mind reusing them. :)

  3. love this... and it suites your eyes! looking really natural <3..

  4. Lashes made up of specially miniso brand eye lashes?