Thursday, May 11, 2017

J.Cat Pout-holic Lipstick in PHL 108 Shaking My Head

Hello loves!

Feeling a bit more creative this summer? Why not go for a golden glow with gold lips??? I probably wouldn't wear it on an ordinary day, but I might if I go to a party. :P

I bought a gold lipstick when I stumbled in a J.Cat store. I haven't tried any of their products yet and I was curious about it because of the ads I saw in Facebook. So while browsing, instead of going for the usual colors I pick, I went for golds and blacks. I was quite impressed with the range of colors that the brand offers!

J.Cat Pout-holic Lipstick in PHL 108 Shaking My Head
I can't remember how much this is exactly. I think this is between PhP 200-300. I'll update the post once I've verified it. :)

When I saw the gold color, I just took one without hesitation. I just thought that I could use this in some of the crazy makeup experiments that I'm planning. 

Anyway, here's the product info from the labels around the tube:

Info from the website:

It's available in 18 shades!

The packaging is very simple. It's made of light plastic material. I do like the font selection but the red color isn't working for me. :(

Here's the tube. The gold, metallic shade is just beautiful!

swatch on hand

on the lips

The lipstick is pigmented. Awesome! I could imagine many looks I could do with this! 

I like that it has a sort of shiny, metallic finish but the texture is not glossy or too creamy. It reminds me of the textures of usual matte lipsticks.

I might not wear the pure gold lips at work but I can mix it with other lippies. The two photos above are matte red lipsticks with the J.Cat Pout-holic Lipstick in PHL 108 Shaking My Head applied on top.

And that's all for this post! I'll try to post some makeover I do using this gold lippie!


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