Saturday, May 13, 2017

Hurria Eye Gloss Clear

Hey dears!

Sharing one of the products I bought during my trip to Tokyo last January.

Hurria Eye Gloss Clear

I've always wondered on how some people have those watery-looking eyeshadows. I really wanted to try that effect. It wasn't a priority-must-buy thing, so I didn't seek out brands to buy one. But while browsing a makeup store in Tokyo, I saw this.

I can't read what's on the label nor the info from the website (cosme) I saw, so i relied on the photos on the packaging. See those beautiful glossy lids? I WANT THAT!

I can't remember how much I got it. It's been a while and I lost my receipt, but it's 1,200 yen online.

It's in a tube form and you just squeeze it to get the product.

The design is simple and very classy, I like it. 

Here's the product.

It looks like the usual clear gloss you see on lip glosses.

Now, to see how does it look like when applied...

These are swatches of eyeshadows alone. One is a matte, vibrant blue, while the other one is a shimmery champagne color.

With the gloss, here's how it looks like. The blue looks gooey, but the champagne one looks amazing!

So I tried it on... and unfortunately, this is how it looked like when I opened my eyes.

The eyeshadow creased! And I didn't even put that much. :(

It looks like I won't be wearing this when I go out. This is only for photoshoots, unless you like a messy eyeshadow look. 

I thought, well I was hoping, that it has this unique formula that it will maintain a glossy finish without it creasing on the lid. It doesn't. Oh well. 

It's a disappointing purchase. I bet I won't be able to finish it before the expiration date.

Have you guys tried any eye glosses yet?


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