Saturday, April 08, 2017

Laura Mercier Eye Colour Duet in Stellar/African Violet

Hello beautiful!

Just sharing this very pretty duo eyeshadow palette that my sister gave me. :)

Laura Mercier Eye Colour Duet in Stellar/African Violet

Laura Mercier has been one of my sis' go-to brands for around a decade now and most of the LM products that we've blogged is from her. If you're not familiar with Laura Mercier, do look it up because they have really good products. I love their concealers and their tinted moisturizers. :)

Anyway, the shades that is included in this duo palette is Stellar and African Violet. I love this combo because it gives a light and romantic vibe.

It's a great everyday eyeshadow. It comes in a square compact with a mirror, which is very handy when I travel.

I love that Stellar is a great base color with the right amount of shimmer. African Violet, on the other hand, is a warm purple shade with gold shimmers. I find this shade very attractive. It's becoming one of my favorite eyeshadows to use!

I love the pigmentation and I appreciate that it's not very chalky, especially African Violet. I can pair this with a pinkish nude lippie in the morning and a cool hot pink or a deep fuchsia lipstick in the evening. 

What do you think of the Laura Mercier Eye Colour Duet in Stellar/African Violet?



  1. Oo love the shimmer in the violet shade!

  2. where can we buy this eyeshadow duet?

  3. It's been a while since I had this product and it's a gift from my sister who stays in Australia. We have Laura Mercier here in the Philippines so I can only recommend to buy this at their official branches. I'm not really familiar with other legit distributors.