Saturday, April 15, 2017

NOTD: Cutie Easter Bunny and Eggs

Hello dears!

Tomorrow's Easter! 
Do you and your family have plans? Mine's just a simple and quiet stay at home with the family... maybe cook some good feast to enjoy. My family don't do a big celebration during Easter. We just didn't made a tradition out of it... we never did those Easter egg thing and all... Anyway, for this year, I did something that's not usual for me during this holiday...

Tadaaa! Easter egg hunt-inspired nails!!!

I made some bunnies in a couple of nails while the others are the easter eggs!
They looked better last night though... they got squished when I slept. 

The bunny looks like it's looking at its side... it still looks cute though... somehow it added personality. Haha!

I just applied the fun and bright base colors and added lighter colored details. It's easy to do and would make the Easter spirit more fun and creative!

Would you paint your nails in an Easter bunny theme?



  1. Pretty! Love the bunny designs! Happy easter to you! My nail have a detox right now and are clean!

    1. I should also rest my nails soon. Haha! Happy Easter, Sharlynn!