Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Review : Peripera Very Nice Pen Eyeliner

Hello dears!

Eyeliners are becoming a must in EVERY makeup look that I do recently... I usually play with different eye makeup looks, but nowadays I feel like my makeup is incomplete without a fierce, winged liner. Maybe it's just a phase, but hey, I think I look good with eyeliner so everything's fine. Haha!

Anyway, just sharing a review of one of the eyeliner pens that I've used...

Peripera Very Nice Pen Eyeliner

Very nice name, huh? Haha! I bought it for PhP 595.00, but I think I bought it at a 20% discount (if I remember correctly). Yippee!

I didn't have an idea if the product will be any good when I bought it. I just included it in my shopping cart because it's on sale and well, because of the photo below.

Haha! I was hoping that it can create a line that's as dark as the one on the photo. :P

Anyway, here's the product description.

I tried looking for a website that has the list of ingredients, unfortunately, I wasn't so lucky. Everything else in the box is in Korean. :(

Anyway, let's get on to the review...

The packaging is pretty cute. I like that it's not bulky and that it is easy to carry around. The design is simple but I like the touch of the lace detail and the soft pink font and design color.

Oh, and I also love the metallic pink box! Hihihi... :P

You can remove the cap by pulling it off. You get to see a felt tip kind of applicator.

I find this kind of applicator pretty easy to use—I think it's the easiest compared to the other kinds of eyeliner applicators.

And now, for the swatches...

The bottom swatch is what I can produce when I try my best to apply it thinly. I can create a thin, fine end for my winged liner, but not the super thin kind that you apply when you just want to add definition to your eyes and that you don't look like you're wearing eyeliner.

It's color is indeed black, but it's in the middle of being matte and like a plastic-glossy finish (I've encountered that kind of liners before... the ones that flake off). This one doesn't flake off though and it dries pretty fast upon application. No need to wait too long before opening your eyes completely. :D

I tested its lasting power... 

with running water, it stayed completely well without smudges.

When I wiped it hard while wet, majority was smudged off.

I tried rubbing it over and over after and nothing else came off.

So I conclude that it's not completely waterproof. I can say it's water-resistant. I am still pretty impressed since it stayed even if I rubbed it pretty hard. I doubt that you'd rub your eyes the way I rubbed the swatches on my hand anyway. Haha!

Anyway, here's how I apply it on my lids:

It looks gorgeous! And application was pretty easy!

It may not be the usual waterproof liners that I use, but it can stay the whole day on my eyes provided that I use a good primer (I have really oily lids). It only smudges when my primer and eyeshadow fail and my whole eye makeup starts to crease... But yeah, I think the staying power is pretty good.

So to summarize:

What I LIKE:

- Packaging
- Easy to apply
- It's black!

What I'm NEUTRAL about:
- Price
- Water-resistant instead of waterproof
- Decent staying power as long as I have primer on


- It's not easy to find (I don't see peripera stalls anymore and the product isn't easy to find at online stores)
- It's hard to create thinner lines with the applicator

Would I buy again? 
Probably not. I liked using it, but it's not one of the liners that really impressed me. :P

And that's my review of the Peripera Very Nice Pen Eyeliner. Thoughts?


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