Monday, December 12, 2016

Ellana Mineral Cosmetics Lip in Luxe Liquid Lipsticks

Hey loves!

I'm excited to share with you these four products that I bought last week from Ellana Mineral Cosmetics...

Ellana Mineral Cosmetics Lip in Luxe Liquid Lipsticks

I was taking advantage of the online sale and bought some foundations to give as Christmas gifts to some friends. While browsing their website, I saw some unfamiliar products that made me smile with kilig. 

I've been a fan of Ellana for years so seeing that they've added new items in their collection is always good news—not to mention that they're MATTE liquid lipsticks that I absolutely love! 

And so, I bought ALL shades available... yeah, I bought all of them... that's how much I love and trust this brand. Haha! I bought them for PhP 499.00 each, but they're on sale right now for only PhP 359.00.

It doesn't have a product description on the website, but you'll get an idea what the lipsticks are all about on the packaging...

#mantraoftheday indeed! One of them became an instant favorite lippie and you'll know why pretty soon. ;)

So the product is:
Creamy Matte
Smudge-proof—it lasts all day!
Made with vegan ingredients

The packaging is a simple clear plastic glass, elegantly design with the gold logo and a shiny black cap.

It's equipped with a doe-foot applicator. It can hold enough product to cover my lips. The shape is just right for easy application.

And now for the fun part, the swatches! Yay!

From left to right:
Love is Kind, Love is Patient, Love is Devotion, and Love is True

The shades are awesome—three nudes and a vibrant red! Check the swatches below. I arranged them from lightest to darkest.

Love is Kind 

This is the lightest of them all with a warm tone. It's too light for me so I can't call it "nude." I think it's a good base color when I want to do an ombre lips. 

On its own, I think it's just too light for me and I'll have to see if there's a look I can do that will make it look good on me because a simple makeup with this on my lips make me look to pale and sickly. Haha!

Love is Patient

This is the pinkish-nude shade. It's the one I wear the most among the nude shades. 

It looks great when I do a natural look and it even looks better when I do an elegant Audrey Hepburn-inspired makeup!

Love is Devotion

This is a peachy-nude shade. It compliments my warm skin pretty well and adds a warm glow on your makeup look!

I think it's a shade that will look good on many skin tones. It's a great everyday wear.

Love is True


Okay, so I guess it's no secret that I love wearing matte red lipsticks. This shade is like a cool-toned red. 

I'm definitely loving this and it's perfect for the holiday season! :)

The formula is smooth and application is easy. It has like a vanilla-butterscotch scent that I adore so much. For a matte lipstick, it doesn't make my lips chappy! I swear its that good! I've used them for three consecutive days, and my lips didn't dry as much as when I use other mattes. Awesome, right!

And the claim that they can last the whole day is true. See below how I tested the arm swatches...

I tried wiping it off with tissue but the areas that haven't set or dried was smudged.

I then added Physiogel cleanser, the product I use to remove my heavy-coveraged foundations, then wiped it off with a cotton pad...

...and the swatches didn't move.

I then used my Elizabeth Arden Cleansing Oil/Makeup Remover.
After wiping, some of the product was removed but there's still a lot left. Impressive staying power!!

On the packaging, the brand's lips scrub was recommended to help completely remove the lipstick. Good thing I have one and I love it as well, especially its sweet taste! Nom, nom, nom.

Okay, so obviously I'm in-love with the liquid lipsticks. And I'm so happy that they are affordable. I like the shades, but I hope they add more... and I'll buy them. Haha! 

Anyway, enough raving. Just go try them out for yourself and see how good they are. I promise you won't regret it! 



  1. ANG GANDA LAHAT!!!!! And the box! Ughhh Love

  2. Sayo ko una nalaman na amy liquid matte lippies sila! The red one looks so beautiful!

    1. nagulat din ako na they have na e. That's why I bought all shades! Hahaha! Halata bang fan ako?

  3. Oooo Love is Devotion is a great everyday shade! I'm personally looking for a lighter brown nude now, I've tried a peachy nude before but I have bad luck getting shades that wash me out like the first one you lip swatched.

    1. It's always a trial and error in finding the right nude lippie... well, in most lipstick shades. I hope you find the perfect one soon!