Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Review : Covergirl LashBlast Fusion Mascara

Hey loves!

I've blogged before my review of Max Factor's False Lash Effect Waterproof Mascara and in that post, I mentioned how much I loved that mascara. This time I tried a mascara from Max Factor's sister company, CoverGirl!

Covergirl Lash Blast Fusion Mascara
Not sure how much this is right now at the department stores, but online, at BeautyMNL, it's PhP 655.00.

I was excited to try it out because I was expecting that it will have the same effect as the False Lash Effect. It's packaging's shape is pretty much the same. Anyway, let's check out the labels on the packaging first so we can get to know the product better.

Info from the website

Get volume + length rain or shine!

Our super-volumizing fiberstretch mascara formula and oversized brush make every little lash bigger, fuller, longer-looking and more dramatic.* Also available in original, non-water-resistant formula.


Step 1
If desired, use an eyelash curler BEFORE you apply mascara.

Step 2
Apply one coat of mascara to the upper lids. Coat brush again and reapply– focusing on the outer edges of your lash line.

Step 3
For a more dramatic look, lightly brush your bottom lashes as well.

So according to the product description, we can expect a set of lashes that has more volume and also longer. That's the desired finish I look for in my mascara. :)

It's water-resistant, not waterproof. So I'm thinking that it's a good everyday mascara, except for days that are rainy or if I'll be sweating because of the heat or from certain physical activities.

So on to the review...

I like the bristles of the applicator. It's not very long that it can easily sting my eye. It separates the lashes really well to avoid clumping.

Here's how it performs on my lashes:

Bare lashes

with one coat

with two coate

As you can see, it clearly added volume and length to my lashes. It didn't clump my lashes either. It really works well, except that I want more. I want MORE volume! I want more LENGTH! I want that doll-like lashes that some mascaras (mostly from Japanese brands) can give me.

What I do like is the formulation that doesn't pull down my lashes. I usually curl my lashes first before applying the mascara. The LashBlast Fusion mascara kept my lashes curled... well, I guess it slightly pulled the lashes down, but the curled lashes is still there. It also dries fast upon application, so I don't have to wait a while to close my eyes so that I don't get the product on my lashes to my skin. Unfortunately, I'm not a fan of the chemical scent.

It is water-resistant. I rarely get any smudges. I get some sometimes, usually when I sweat and my face gets too oily. But that happens very rarely. What I do appreciate the most is that since it is only water-resistant, it's easy to remove with a makeup remover!

To summarize this review:

What I LIKE:
- Doesn't pull down my lashes
- Water-resistant
- Lengthens and volumizes (but not so much)
- Applicator and packaging
- Dries fast after application
- Easy to remove with makeup remover
- Locally available
- Sorta affordable

- Chemical scent
- I prefer more volume and length

Would I buy again?
Well, I don't think I will. I just prefer a more dramatic set of lashes. But I think this is a pretty good everyday-at-work mascara. It will make your lashes longer and thicker but will still look sorta natural, or at least it doesn't look like you're wearing false lashes. It's still pretty good but not good enough for what I want. :P

And that's my review! I hope this was helpful. Let me know what you think! :)



  1. Oh this looks like a good defining mascara but I know what you mean by wanting more volume and length. The only mascara I've used that is similar in brush is the maybelline rocket which gives me definition and decent length and volume so I've repurchased it. It also doesn't take too long to apply which is an issue i find with many western drugstore mascaras.

    1. Ooooh! I think I could try that next. Thanks for the recommendation! <3