Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Creer Beaute Moon Romance Moon Stick Liquid Eyeliner

Hello loves!

There are perks when you have friends who go out of the country for vacations, and some of them are getting pasalubong (gifts from their trip) or you can ask them to buy some stuff for you that aren't available locally. The latter was what happened to this particular product. I asked my friend to buy me this super adorable eyeliner...

Creer Beaute Moon Romance Moon Stick Liquid Eyeliner

...But what was supposed to be an item that I wanted to pay for became a gift. She gave it to me as a present! (Thanks, Tin!)

I requested a Sailormoon eyeliner just because it's SAILORMOON! I used to watch the anime when I was a kid. :D

(cue Sailormoon music)

I wanted to provide the product info but it's all kanji. I also checked the website but it's also in kanji and the translation doesn't make sense. Haha!

What I can understand is that it's worth 1,600 yen, exclusive of tax. It's a gentle yet long-lasting eyeliner with a fine brush applicator that's easy to remove with warm water.

The cap is different from the eyeliner's cap. As seen on the photo above, you can add the "Sailormoon staff" cap or you can completely remove it if you would rather have a slimmer, non-bulky liner in your kikay kit.

The brush applicator indeed is fine and creates fine lines too. It's easy to manipulate so creating the perfect cat eyes is not so hard anymore.

The blackness of the product is okay and it dries pretty quickly when applied. The thing I don't really like is that it sorta looks shiny... like a bit rubberized.

Here's how it looks when I use it.

I think it's pretty good! Other than the rubberized-shiny look, it's great! It can stay all day without smudging even when I sweat and get oily. Well, I do get the occasional smudge when my lids get super oily, but that's very rare. My eyes were on fleek during my three-day vacation in Singapore. No smudging even though I was walking around the country under the sun! 

So yeah, to summarize my thoughts on this eyeliner, I really like it! Not only does it have the design from one of my favorite childhood shows, it also performs greatly as an eyeliner. It's not perfect but I still consider it as one of the good ones I've tried. ;)

Have you tried the Creer Beaute Moon Romance Moon Stick Liquid Eyeliner? Which design do you have? Do you also liked watching Sailormoon growing up?


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