Friday, November 18, 2016

Happy Skin Eye Need A Miracle Corrector

Good evening ladies,

It has been a while since I bought a concealer. The one currently inhabiting my make-up stash is Benefit Erase Paste and for a while now, I find that it no longer serves as a good concealer for me as I start noticing difference in color tone. So I asked Dawn to help me out.

Last year, Dawn gave a review on Happy Skin's Eye Need A Miracle Concealer, but she recommended I try the corrector instead. So here is my experience with the corrector.

Happy Skin Eye Need A Miracle Concealer
Php 799.00

There is only one shade for this here and that is 01 Salmon.

This is near peach in color as compared to the concealer which is more yellow in color.

The consistency is not very creamy but is easy to blend. It has a good coverage so I usually need only a half pea sized amount to cover my whole under eye area.

Here is my eye before application.

Here it is after. It has evened out the color of my under eye. Since it's nearer to my tone, it has covered the dark circles better than my long time concealer.

And since it has done quite a good job with my dark circles, I started trying it out with my pimple marks and spots of redness around my cheeks

Here is my cheek without.

Here it is with. Sorry if the angle is different, but it has decreased the discoloration around my cheeks and has hidden much of the specks of redness I have around this area.

I also noticed that this product has fine sparkly finish which I think helps in lessening dullness. Probably why I feel like my face looks like it's glowing.

I might start looking into more products from Happy Skin. I am super satisfied with the coverage offered by this product that I started ignoring my old concealer. It's also a plus point that it's in a tube and is travel-friendly (I just love everything travel friendly).

I hope this was informative, it's been a while since I wrote any reviews and also since I've tried any new products.


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