Thursday, November 17, 2016

A Whitening Set to Brighten the Holidays (A Skincare Set Intro + Review)

Hey everyone!

Have plans on having a whiter Christmas? And when I say whiter, I mean lighter skin. I always think that it's best to whiten skin a couple of months before the holiday season because the weather isn't sunny (it's actually mostly gloomy because of the rainy season in the Philippines), and we're usually indoors because of the rain... and well, we're stuck at work and in school and we're trying to save money for the Christmas vacation! Haha!

Anyway, if you're thinking of trying out some whitening skin care products, I think now's the time to try them out. I don't aspire to get lighter skin but I received an offer to try a skin whitening set and I thought, "why not?" I have quite a number of foundations that's lighter so I might as well use them. Haha!

The products I received came from Elsie Beauty Solutions. It's a online store that offers skincare products to give convenience to its customers who look for professional beauty products. Their products range from hair care to skin care and they carry two brands, namely Ahglow and Dermcare.

"Our brands Dermcare and Ahglow have been providing world-class beauty products in the Philippines since 1989. The products are made by Ahglow Corporation, the same company who pioneered skin whitening and hair rebonding in the Philippines.

All products are FDA approved."

I received four products that go hand-in-hand to help whiten my skin. The set includes:

1. Dermablanca Intensive Whitening Soap
2. RFL Lotion
3. Tretinoin 0.05%
4. Moisturizing Sunblock

The next photos contains solo shots of the products with the package labels. I also included info from the press release I received with the products.

The RFL Lotion (PhP 132.00) contains arbutin, a natura ingredient for whitening. It has the same effects of hydroquuinone, but safer to use and can be used long term. It also has glycolic acid, a natural fruit extract used for fast cell turn-over to improve skin appearance and texture.

The RFL Lotion feels like the usual toner (with alcohol). It feels cool and refreshing and it does an extra job of cleaning the face. As seen on the ingredients list, it has some ingredients that help mildly peel the outermost layer of skin so I guess that's where the "smoothens fine lines" part comes in. 

The Tretinoin Cream (PhP 113.00) is one of the very few agents whose skin rejuvenation effects have been documented in many well-designed studies. It helps in lightening skin discolorations, diminish fine lines, and improve the over-all appearance of skin.

The tretinoin cream works pretty good on my skin. When I used it for three consecutive nights, I can already witness some peeling, especially on my pimple scars. The cream dries pretty fast (maybe a minute or two) and it doesn't smell bad—just a mild chemical-medicine-like smell.

The sunblock is barely scented and it's non-greasy and also not sticky. I do wish for more SPF though but if you're just inside an office, school, or at home, then I guess SPF25 can work. But yeah, I would still prefer a higher SPF, especially since the whitening set will make your skin peel.

The Dermablanca Whitening Soap (PhP 59.00) contains a whitening ingredient from Japan, mulberry extract, and is proven not to sting or irritate skin like other whitening soaps.

The soap smells good. It's like a clean floral scent that makes my bathroom smell great just by being there. The smell alone make me like to use it. My skin doesn't feel dry after using it leaves my skin feeling clean.


1. Cleanse face with soap. Wash thoroughly.
2. Dry face and apply RFL Lotion on whole face with cotton.
3. Wait for face to dry. Apply Moisturizing Sunblock 15 mins before going out (Do not skip this step).
4. (Optional) You can also use an oil free daytime moisturizer before the sunblock.

1. Cleanse face with soap. Wash thoroughly.
2. Wait for 15-20 mins. Using a pea-size amount, apply Tretinoin to whole face starting with small dots on your forehead, cheeks, and chin. Avoid areas near the eyes, nose, and mouth.
3. Apply your regular moisturizer (depending on skin type).


1. Apply tretinoin at night only. For first time users, apply every 2 nights. If there is no irritation, gradually increase to every night.
2. Use only a pea-size amount of tretinoin. Gradually spread to a thin layer.
3. A little scaliness and sting is normal at first, but if the treated skin becomes usually sensitive, stop the use.
4. Never forget to use sunblock during the day.
5. After 2 months of using tretinoin, rest/stop for 2 months before resuming. RFL can be used day and night during the rest period.


Now that I've introduced to you the products and the instructions, I'll share my experience and short review of the whitening set.

I've used the products for a month now. In just a few days of using, I noticed my skin started peeling. It's not the huge peel that I can get a chunk of skin off if I pull the "flaky" bits, only really small and thin skin comes off, especially on the areas with dark pimple marks where I usually apply the tretinoin first. The peeling is not like a micropeeling thing also because the peeling is noticeable. Applying makeup might not look as good because of this and my skin feels tighter than usual, especially when it starts to peel. What I do is add a stronger moisturizer before the sunblock that can help make skin look more hydrated.

Even though my makeup application became a bit trickier, I do see some difference on my skin. The scars got lighter (well, they actually became more noticeable at first [like hyperpigmentation] but once they peeled, it became lighter). I can't say if my whole face is lighter now but what's important is that the skin color is even and it is. 

If you read some of the labels, there's a warning of stinginess. I didn't get this and I didn't encounter any irritations. Just follow the instructions strictly and don't ever forget to apply your sunscreen!

And that's all I can say so far. I'll continue to use the products (the tretinoin for another month only) and see if something else happens. I'll update this post then. For now, I like that it didn't irritate my skin and at the same time, was able to peel off the dark scars around my problem areas. The items are also pretty affordable and that's always good. ;)

You can check our more of the products carried by Elsie Beauty Solutions through their website and Facebook or email them at :)


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