Tuesday, August 30, 2016

NOTD: Vanilla Fruitcake

Hey everyone!

Just sharing a quick NOTD!

So I was feeling like going for a colorful but glittery look to uplift my stressful days because of so many papers I have to write so I took some of my glittery nail polishes and created the NOTD seen above.

I used the following polishes:

Holika Holika Magic Pop Nail Natural in 04
Tony Moly's Lacquer Glitter GI08 Jingle Bell
Diou Vernis in No. 11 (I think this is a rip off of the Dior Vernis. Haha! I can't remember how I got it)

So I used the Holika Holika polish as base then topped it with the glittery polishes.

Because of the "Christmasy" finish of the polish from Tony Moly, it accidentally looked like a fruit cake... but a lighter version!

It does look festive, but I guess it does not really suit my personality much. Haha! 

And that's my NOTD! :P


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