Sunday, August 14, 2016

Ellana Cosmetics Sheer Natural Mineral Bronzer in Harmony

Hey dearies!

I think it's no secret that I'm a fan of Ellana Mineral Cosmetics. Just look at my reviews of their products! :P

I've also convinced my officemates to try the brand out and they absolutely love Ellana's foundations and concealer-foundations. So what we do is we buy online at the same time to avail the free shipping (for purchases amounting to PhP 1k and up). There are also times when we take advantage of Ellana Cosmetics' promos like when your purchase reach PhP 1.5k, you get a freebie. During one of our purchases, I was able to get this freebie, with the consent of my officemates of course...

Ellana Cosmetics Sheer Natural Mineral Bronzer in Harmony

They let me have it since most of them are beginners in makeup and do not use bronzers... yet. Lucky me. ;)

Ellana is the mineral makeup brand that made me like mineral makeup. So I would gladly accept and use any freebie from them because I like every product that I've tried from them so far.

So for this post, I will share with you the swatch of this mineral makeup bronzer and how I look like when it's applied.

It's in a loose powder form. You gotta be careful at the amount of product you get on your makeup brush because mineral makeup can get very pigmented. Make sure to tap off the excess powder from your brush before applying.

Above photo is the swatch

Most bronzers I've tried have this brick red-brown color that looks better with cool-toned skin. Harmony has a warm, gold-bronze shade that will compliment my warm skin better.

I use it for contour actually. See the photos below...

Left photo: no bronzer
Right photo: with bronzer

My face with only foundation, brows, eyeliner, and bronzer on
(My brows are super strong here... I can never perfect my brows when I take blog photos for some reason LOL)

It gives my face dimension, especially since my foundation is matte that makes my face appear flat. It also gives the illusion of a slimmer face (wooohoooo!). I like that the shimmery finish of Harmony looks very natural on my face. It can stay the whole day, but it really depends on my base makeup... my face is very oily so when I use skincare and makeup that can keep my skin from being shiny, the bronzer will stay for the whole day with the rest of my face makeup.

But what I love most of all is that it stays true to its claim that it's "sheer natural" because I don't get any harsh lines when I apply it (I get that a lot with loose powder blushes and I had to blend and blend for so long).

So as you can see, it's another Dawn-approved product from Ellana Mineral Cosmetics! Yay! 

Do you also wear bronzers? What brand do you use?



  1. Ooh! Looks good! Haha lucky then that they don't use bronzers....yet :))

    1. Oh yes! Haha! I look forward to more freebies! Haha!