Friday, August 05, 2016

PIXI Lustrous Eye Primer

Hey loves!

I love eyeshadows. And if you're like me, then you probably love using eye primers too to make your eye makeup bolder and longer lasting.

I've tried really good ones like those from Urban Decay, Dior, and Too Faced; while I've also tried those that aren't that good (you can check my eye primer reviews here). I still like trying primers from other brands, so whenever I see something on sale, I buy it to see if it's good. Here's one that I bought when I went to a bazaar:

PIXI Lustrous Eye Primer
The shade is in Gold Lustre.

You can see the product details on the box packaging.

I tried looking up at their website for more info but it seems like it's been phased out since it isn't there anymore. So I got some details from Oz Cosmetics:

  • Helps banish fatigued eyes & transform them into vigorous looking eyes
  • Evens out skin tone & imparts a hint of radiant gold to skin
  • Ensures sleeker lids & longer lasting eye shadow
  • Also works as a highlighter on brow & cheek bones

I like primers that can even out the color of my lids... like it has a bit of coverage. But I want the coverage to be like a concealer type that's matte... Or at least just a skin tone color. So when I saw that it's gold, I was hesitant at first but I took a chance and still bought it.

It's in a pen form. You just twist the bottom end and the product goes to the brush end of the packaging. I just need to twist it for about 4 clicks to get the product out.

The applicator is a synthetic brush. It's pretty smooth so it's okay to apply it directly on the eyelids.

Here's what it looks like
It's gold and shimmery! 

Here it is on my hands when spread-out

And on my lids

It looks really good. It can actually be a good cream eyeshadow just by looking at it. It's very smooth and it can be easily applied evenly.

As primer, it can  make your eyeshadow appear bolder. See the photo below:
Left: no primer, Right: With the primer

To check if it lasts long, I wiped the area with tissue and here's what I got:
The swatch without primer disappeared while the one with the product is still here.

It's pretty impressive, right? Though I have noticed that it changes the color of the eyeshadow. One good example is the swatch below. I used eyeshadows from Lorac and look how it darkened the shade, it's almost brown!
I think the gold color influenced the eyeshadow too much that it changed it's color.

When I wipe off with tissue, it still held the swatch impressively but the color is still different.

It doesn't really bother me if it changes the color, I can work the colors anyway. It will be a hassle though if you have a specific look in mind.

And even if it holds the eyeshadow well when wiped off, I have noticed that it doesn't do well when my eyelids get oily. The eye makeup creases on my lids badly after 5-6 hours. It was such a let down to be honest.

Overall, I'm not impressed with this. My primary reason why I use primers is to prolong the makeup. The creasing part makes this primer a no-no in my book. The changing of colors also can be an issue sometimes... so yeah, I'm not a fan of the PIXI Lustrous Eye Primer. :P

What do you think of the PIXI Lustrous Eye Primer? What eye primer would you recommend me to try next?