Monday, August 22, 2016

LOTD: Melted Marshmallow

Hello everyone!

Sharing with you my Lipstick/s of the Day! :)

I love peachy pink shades (if it's not obvious enough on our website name). So most of my makeup is in that shade, especially my lipsticks. But even though I already have a number of peachy pink lipstick shades, I tend to mix and match some to get a specific shade. Here's one of my favorite mix:

And this is the result!

I apply the Ofra Liquid lipstick first and once it dries, I add the Laneige Lipstick.

I really like this combination. The peachy-ness of the the Laneige lippie gives warmth to the OFRA Liquid lipstick. It results to a soft, creamy, warm pink shade like a melted marshmallow! The liquid lippie also helps in prolonging the staying power of the lipstick so it can last almost the whole day! Yay!

So what do you think of this lippie look?