Friday, March 11, 2016

Messy Bessy Natural Hydrating Body Wash in Kiwi

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The days are getting hot again because summer is fast approaching. After being exposed to the heat and getting all sweaty, it's a great feeling to take a bath or shower at the end of the day. Lately, I've been loving every bath time because I just smell so good whenever I use the...

Messy Bessy Natural Hydrating Body Wash

The bottle was sent to me a few months back. :)

The brand was actually new to me, but I felt happy to know about it because it means that more Proudly Pinoy brands are available in the market, and it's all-natural too! So what is Messy Bessy anyway? Here's what I've seen on their website:

"At Messy Bessy, we are serious in our commitment to clean your homes without harming your health and polluting our planet. This is why every step of our business is taken with meticulous care – from choosing only natural ingredients, to encouraging our customers to reuse and refill.

And at the heart of Messy Bessy, is project HOUSE (Helping Ourselves through Sustainable Enterprises). HOUSE is a group of enterprises that employ and educate formerly abused, trafficked, incarcerated and impoverished young adults.

The Helping Ourselves Program or HOP is a program where the learners are graded based on their academics, core values, work ethics and work training. We are proud of the partnership we recently signed with Manila Business College, which gives our learners the opportunity to pursue and acquire their college diploma."

The scent I have is Kiwi and this smells really, really good. I like my bath products smelling really good. I'm not into fruity, especially citrusy scents, though but this Kiwi one is just so addicting for me! If you have a chance to smell this, go ahead and see (smell?) for yourself how awesome the scent is!

I looked at their website for product info so we can get to know more about it.
I'm not sure if this one is the same as their Hand and Body Wash because I can't find their Hydrating Body Wash on the website. But I figured that both are body washes so I assumed that their qualities are pretty similar and I just posted the info here so we can have some idea what Messy Bessy Body Washes can do. Here's what the website says about their Hand and Body Wash:

"You deserve nothing more than the purest liquid soap you can find – free of sulfate, parabens, colorant & toxins that can work its way through your skin and into your body. Available in 4 yummy scents: Aloe & Green Tea, Kiwi Lemon, Ocean Rain, Vanilla Orange.

P 180 200ml / P 550 2-liter refill55

TO USE, Apply the Hand & Body Wash directly on your skin or on a bath sponge. Lather & Rinse.

Ingredients: Purified water, Potassium Cocoate, Monoethanolimide Coconut Amide, Sodium Lactate, Essential Oils, Sodium Chloride (thickener). Yup that’s all!"

The product is a bit runny and it's clear. It foams up pretty well and you instantly smell the sweet fragrance easily. The scent lingers for a few minutes (maybe 'til 15-30 minutes if you're not under the sun and sweating) after bath. I just love using this because I smell SO GOOD.

What I love more is that it's all natural! We all know that it's important to take care of the skin. It is it the biggest organ of our body that functions as our protection from our environment. What we put on our skin also gets absorbed into our body, so knowing that Messy Bessy is all natural, I feel like it's safer than other commercial brands. I did not encounter irritation nor allergies from this product... so yay!

For more info and contact information about Messy Bessy, see the following:

Unit 1B Smith Bell Bldg.
2294 Pasong Tamo Ext.Makati City 1231
T: 502 7176 | M: 0917 5607871


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