Thursday, March 31, 2016

Review : Biore UV Perfect Face Milk

Hey lovelies!

Everyday it's getting hotter and hotter. Summer is here whether you like it or not. Since the temperature is rising, no one wants to wear long-sleeves or anything with thick fabrics. This means more of our skin would be exposed to the sun! With this in mind, we better have our sunscreens ready. The one I'm using now is...

Biore UV Perfect Face Milk
This is priced I think around PhP 380.00.

What I find very interesting about this product, besides having SPF50+ and PA++++, is the part that it's oil control and has moisturizing qualities! Check out the labels below for more info on usage, ingredients, and precautionary advice:

I already happy about the oil control part, but when I read that it can double as a makeup base and it is also waterproof blew me away! ALL of these qualities are something that I prefer in skincare products! Just reading these claims got me more excited about this product.

The Biore UV Perfect Face Milk is included in their Biorè UV Perfect Series. It has three variants. Here's what the range is about from the press release I received a year ago:

Biorè UV Perfect series products are ultra-light and non-sticky with a matte or powder finish. Skin feels comfortable and smooth while enjoying maximum UV protection. They are all sweat and water proof and works as perfect make-up base .

The product looks like milk! It's runny and non-sticky so application is pretty easy on the face. The finish is matte, no white residue, and it makes the skin instantly smooth and ready for makeup application! It's lightweight too! The scent is barely there, but I do smell a bit of alcohol there... because there is alcohol here. I know that many avoid skincare with alcohol since it might dry the skin, but so far, I don't have a problem with it and I'm almost done with the whole bottle.

It does have oil control, but I also try to use makeup that also help control sebum production like adding powder. The waterproof part is pretty hard to test so I can't really guarantee you guys about that claim. It does do a good job as a makeup base because my skin just feels so smooth but the "evening-out of skin tone" claim part is questionable since this is sheer and I really don't see the difference.

As mentioned, I am almost done with the whole bottle and I didn't encounter any irritations, and breakouts! Yay!

So here's a summary of my experience with the Biore UV Perfect Face Milk:

What I LIKE:

- Provides SPF50 and PA++++
- Oil control
- Locally available
- Waterproof? (maybe)
- Matte and smooth finish
- Affordable
- Easy to use packaging (easy-squeeze with thin nozzle)
- Lightweight
- Moisturizing
- No breakouts nor irritations
- No white residue when applied

- Nothing, really. 

I really like this sunscreen to be honest. Having oily skin and as a makeup enthusiast, this product is just awesome! The amount of sun protection it provides is just enough for everyday (although for longer periods of exposure to the sun, especially on places like the beach, I still recommend something with stronger protection). This is a multipurpose product and I definitely recommend you check it out!

 if you're interested to know more info and get updates from Bioré, check out their...



  1. I love Biore! I am currently using the blue one...

    1. I also love Biore! I like that they have good sunscreens at affordable prices! :D