Thursday, March 03, 2016

Laverne Makeup and Cosmetic Tools Sanitizer

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I've been struggling with acne since I hit puberty. I've trained myself to proper hygiene and skincare to avoid those dreaded breakouts. When it comes to makeup application, I make sure I have clean makeup applicators. I try to avoid double dipping my brushes, especially when I use liquid/cream products. But did you know that our makeup can also be a breeding ground for bacteria  even if you close it tightly? 

According to the press release that I received from Laverne Makeup and Cosmetic Tools Sanitizer, makeup can be a breeding ground of bacteria that can cause skin and eye infection. There are so many ways on how germs get into our cosmetics. Here's just a few of them:

1. Applying makeup with dirty hands (even if you're just in the office, you might have touched things like coins or paper bills that can be very dirty).
2. Sharing of makeup even with your closest friends (guilty of this one!).
3. Double dipping of brushes.
4. Retouching makeup with your skin already exposed to tons of germs and bacteria throughout the day.
5. Uncontrollable sneezing/coughing while doing your makeup.
6. Using your favorite shade of lipstick while sick.
7. Germs and bacteria that live on your skin.
8. Dirty makeup tools or applicators.
9. Mascara pumping
10. Reapplying lipstick after eating.

 But here's good news! 
#Laverne promises to help reduce the growth of bacteria and prolong shelf life of our babies (makeup). They claim that their product tested 99.9% effective in killing bacteria in as quick as 60 seconds! Impressive, right?

Why take the risk of getting breakouts, allergies, and other health infections if we can just improve our hygiene and use products that sanitize our makeups and applicators? I am too familiar of those consequences since I have skin allergies and oily and acne-prone skin. With those in-mind, I'm happy that products like the Laverne Makeup and Cosmetic Tools Sanitizer are being introduced in the market.

So what exactly is the product about? The following are the product highlights from the press release provided when they sent me these two bottles:

1. Laboratory test confirmed a 99.9% kill in germs and bacteria like E.coli and Staph (they've undergone a series of tests for almost a year).
2. After spray, the product instantly dries in seconds leaving the makeup sanitized and ready for next use.
3. Infused with special emollients that won't dry your makeup unlike regular alcohol. Instead, it leaves your makeup smelling and looking fresh every time.
4. Helps extend the life span of your makeup.
5. Has tea tree to help eliminate bacteria and helps to clarify skin problems.

Below a shot of the label where you can see the directions for use and other important details.

According to the press release, the main reason why Laverne was conceptualized is because "we want all the makeup artists and the likes to learn how important sanitation in makeup is. Even if we use the makeup as personal use, there are still germs and bacteria that are present and breeding in their makeup. We want #Laverne to be the new habit of beauty enthusiasts."

Yes, yes, and YES! I remember back in high school when we were having our makeup applied for our graduation picture, I saw that our makeup artist's sponges were so dirty. Like all 20 girls used the same sponge, brushes, and makeup. It's crazy! I hurried to take my makeup off as soon as I had my photo taken. This is why I did my own makeup when I was getting my college graduation photo taken. An awesome decision since I heard the same story of dirty, already-used sponges from my friends who had their makeup done at the studio. I really do hope that more makeup artists and makeup enthusiasts clean their tools and makeup often.

I'm not saying I haven't been guilty of any of these unhygienic practices. I was and sometimes still am. But now I try to clean my brushes after I use them and now that I have Laverne, I get to clean my makeup too!

Just spray them after each use to any powder, cream, liner, lipstick, palettes, and beauty tools! Check out the videos I made using the Laverne Makeup and Cosmetic Tools Sanitizer to see how I use them.

I used a tissue there but I learned that a small towel is even better since it won't tear easily and more environmentally friendly since you can just rewash it. ;)

I used a liquid foundation there so that's harder to clean but Laverne was able to do a good job cleaning the brush!

Here's how I spray it on my powder products:

I used it on a powder blush. In the video, you can see how fast Laverne dries after spray.

Other than cleaning tools and makeup, the Laverne Makeup and Cosmetic Tools Sanitizer can also be used to restore your cracked face powder. You can see the instructions online and substitute rubbing alcohol to Laverne. Awesome, right?

Another thing I can do with this is that it can make your drying gel liners easier to use. I just wet my eyeliner brush and dip it to my gel liner. The dry gel gets softer and makes application easier! Hooray for the gel eyeliner fans out there!

Laverne is so easy to use, especially since it's in a spray bottle. Just spray and wait if you're using it on makeup, and spray and swirl when using it to clean makeup brushes. It also dries so quickly that I don't have to wait long to reuse the tools I'll be using. And oh, I also like that the smell is so mild and clean! It's cleaning with ease and you get to prevent all those nasty breakouts and allergies from happening too! #Laverne truly is where beauty meets hygiene. I'm glad that I have this in my beauty stash.

For more information and updates from Laverne, check out their:
and you can contact them thru viber at 09985719861.

What are your thoughts on the Laverne Makeup and Cosmetic Tools Sanitizer? What do you do to clean your makeup and applicators?



  1. Cool product! I definitely need one :)

    1. It's something that we makeup lovers should have in our makeup kit!