Thursday, March 24, 2016

Review : FS Cosmetics Concealer in Sand

Hello loves!

Because it's the holy week, we don't have office work for the next few days and that means I have time to work on some of my school requirements as well as do some product reviews for the blog. :) 

Today I will share with you my review of...

FS Cosmetics Concealer in Sand

This concealer stick costs around PhP 400.00.

But before I get onto the review, let's talk about the brand. To tell you the truth, I was confused about the part that it's now called Features and Shades because what I knew was that the "FS" stood for Fanny Serrano. It turns out that their contract has ended and this led to the rebirth of the brand. The brand now has a new look and even released some new products recently!

I'm no stranger to FS Cosmetics. I have used some of their products before and I've been a fan of their two-way cake foundations and their eyelash curlers. Yay!

Anyway, let's proceed with this concealer's review. :)

Let's get to know the product from the labels of the package:

The details on the website is pretty much the same as what is written on the box: 

"Foundation stick that flawlessly covers blemishes. It has SPF40+ PA+++ to protect skin against harmful rays from the sun."

This product is available in four shades and Sand is the lightest.
What I like about their shades is that all of them are Filipina skin color-friendly. Most of them are in the warm shade, which I think majority of Filipinas have.

It is a concealer but according to the package label and on the website, it's a foundation stick. It can double as your foundation because the product is lightweight! It's a good foundation if you wish to get that heavy coverage for a flawless finish. I wish they could mention that on the labels to avoid confusion.

Other than being a foundation, it can also protect us from the sun for it promises to give SPF40 and PA+++. It's quite a good amount of protection, although since the sun is extra intense because of the coming summer, I still recommend wearing a stronger sunscreen underneath. :)

Anyway, here are the swatches:

Sand is very close to my color so blending it to the skin is easy. It easily became a second skin when applied. See the photos below:

Bare skin (I used this as a foundation and then as a concealer for my undereyes)

With the product as a foundation then added more on the under eyes

When blended

The finish is awesome. It's not entirely matte and not dewy as well, it actually still looks like skin. Coverage is good and buildable as seen on the photos above. There's barely any scent so that's good news to those who do not like scented products.

This product also claims to be waterproof. I can't say if this is true because I haven't tested it yet but I can say it's water-resistant or sweat-resistant because it can stay on my skin even during the summer heat! It's very long-lasting even on my oily skin. It's just not good at the oil-control department. My face get's very shiny within 3-4 hours of wearing. But by blotting the oil off every now and then, this can pretty much stay the whole day on my face. And lastly, I did not encounter any breakout or irritations.

To summarize...

What I LIKE:
- Medium to heavy coverage
- Natural finish
- The shade is close to my skin color
- Lightweight
- Has SPF 40 and PA+++
- Locally made
- Easily accessible (available in more than 60 stores/malls nationwide)
- Affordable
- Water resistant
- Long-lasting
- Simple and sturdy packaging

- Although it doesn't promise to do any oil control, I still prefer foundations that do
- It's only available in 4 shades. I would prefer more, especially since it doubles as a foundation

As seen on the summary, there's a lot to love about this foundation. I'm absolutely loving the fact that our local brands are stepping up their game and giving us good quality products. The FS Cosmetics concealer-foundation is a great product to try especially for those who are on-the-go that prefer easy application, good coverage, and long lasting power for their base makeup. I definitely recommend that you try this out... and if you're not a fan of cream foundies, you can also try their two-way cake foundation. ;)

If you're interested to know more about FS Cosmetics or their concealers, do check out the following:

What do you think of this review? Have you tried other products from this brand? Let me know on the comments below!



  1. Might check this out! I'm so glad that local beauty brands are finally getting better with their products!

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  3. Thanks for the very thorough review Dawn! Appreciate it very much! Love, Features & Shades Cosmetics

  4. Thanks for your very thorough review Dawn. We appreciate it very much.