Wednesday, March 09, 2016

NOTD: Jenna and the Giant Peach

Hello dearies!

Sharing a quick NOTD post for today's post!

Still a peach fan until now! Hihihi. :)

I used a Jenna Hip Nail Polish that was given by a friend.
The shade is Jenna and the Giant Peach. I guess the name was inspired from James and the Giant Peach movie that I used to watch growing up. The shade does look like the giant peach that the characters were riding.

It's a bright peach shade. I found this color too light that it got me worried it wouldn't look good on my nails, but I think it looks alright...

I actually didn't know the brand before my friend gave it to me. But the polish is pretty easy to work with. Pigmentation is good and the brush isn't too thick or thin so it holds enough polish to give a nice coat on each nail.

And that's it for this NOTD post. What do you think?


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