Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Makeover: Vireza is a Rocker Chic!

Hi everyone! I hope you are all doing well.

I've been pretty busy in the UST College of Fine Arts and Design with some pretty interesting projects; one of which is to style a friend for a photoshoot inside the classroom for photography class! Here's a preview:

She looks like Grace Lee, right? Haha! 

Anyway, here are my groupmates who have been/will be featured in PPS:
  • Vireza is the sultry girl above. I transformed her look from a sweet teenybopper to a total rockstar! Plus, I was able to successfully give her a crease... 
  • Kaila's post will be up soon, and I promise she'll look very different!
  • Anna is the photographer, and she was the previous makeover victim here, together with Vire.

My best friends in AD-5!

Without further ado, here are the items I used:

Makeup Base: The Face Shop Makeup Base (Violet), Kryolan Eye Makeup Base
Foundation: Maybelline clear smooth foundation, 4U2 (no.3)
Contour: DollFace Cosmetics Contour palette
Concealer: DollFace Cosmetics Concealer Palette
Eyeshadows: DollFace Cosmetics 88 palette,Prestige Cosmetics My little black book eye lip and face palette
Eyeliners:  Nichido liquid eyeliner (black), Nichido Eye Contour Pencil (Blackest Black and Nice Gal), MAC eyeliner in Bountiful Brown
Mascara: Maybelline Volume Express Cat Eyes
Blushes: Skin 79 Diamond Collection Star Glow Cheek, NARS Orgasm
Lipstick/gloss: Chanel Glossimer (Magnifique), Personi lipstick in Fuschia Pink

Wisps of hair. And sorry, Vire wants her eyebrows to remain untouched!!

Funny pose

Trying to be sexy, Vire!?

I love this picture! Gee whiz!

These are all amateur attempts. To tell you the truth, I am not entirely satisfied with everything since we were pressed for time (other groups were in line to shoot at the improvised studio in the classroom after us). This explains why I wasn't able to retouch the makeup and why we have limited clothing choices. 

But in spite of these setbacks, I hope the pictures show promise! =) I know there are a lot of makeup artist bloggers out there, and I will really appreciate if you could give me tips!



  1. i love the very very first picture. I can't believe she's the same girl in the group pic. you were able to transform her. great job! :D

  2. Pammy: Thanks you!

    Smarla: Thanks! Yeah, I was worried at first if she could pull it off... And she did! Our whole group is so proud of her! :)


  3. nice photoshoot=D the first one is my fave <3

  4. from cute girl to a rocker chic ~ great job!

  5. could not believe my eyes when i scrolled down to read that the girl in the picture was Vreza! Great Job friend! :)