Monday, December 11, 2017

Review : Sigma Beauty Lip Base in Go Dutch

Hey loves!

Have you joined the matte lippie fan craze? I have ever since the first time I tried one. But as much as I LOVE these lipsticks, I have to admit, they can still be drying and can make my lips chappy at some time. Yeah, keeping yourself hydrated, using lip balms, lip masks, and lip scrubs can make them stay soft and smooth, but that's just a lot of work, don't you agree or am I just getting lazy? Haha!

Anyway, last month, when I was browsing my Sephora mobile app during their promo, I saw this product...

Sigma Beauty Lip Base
Regular price at Sephora is PhP 570.00

To be honest, I just needed to get my amount to at least PhP 11k to avail a 60% off during Sephora's promo back then. This was one of the more affordable ones to get me to the said amount. Of course I want everything that I get to still be good so I tried to google about the product and checked for swatches and reviews. 

The shade 'Go Dutch' is beautiful! I love peachy shades! This one is a sweet light peachy pink as you'll see later in this post. 

But what caught my eye is that in some reviews, it says that it's creamy and yet has a matte finish! This made me really curious and that is why I bought it!

Let's see the product description from the website first:

The Lip Base was created to line the lips with its point and can also be used to fill in the whole lip using its edge. It can be worn alone as a matte long-wearing lip product or under another product as a base. Its function as a base will amplify the color on top of it and add a more solid, uniform color base to your overall lip look.

Formulated without: Parabens, Sulfates, Phthalates, Mineral Oil, Casein.

Shade: Go Dutch 
Color Description: Salmon light pink 
Finish: Opaque
Ingredients: Carnauba Wax, Beeswax, Ceresin, Hydrogenated Microcrystalline Wax, C10-18 Triglycerides, Lanolin, Ricinus Communis Seed Oil, Isopropyl Myristate, Petrolatum, Phenoxyethanol, BHT.
May Contain: Iron Oxide Black (CI77499), Iron Oxide Yellow (CI77492), Titanium Dioxide (CI77891), FD&C Yellow No 5 Al Lake (CI19140), D&C Red No 6 Disodium Salt (CI15850), D&C Red No 7 Ca Salt (CI15850:1), D&C Red No 28 Al Lake (CI45410:2).

Okaaaay... so apparently, Go Dutch is not part of the lip bases of the brand that has a matte finish. Only four of the six shades available are matte and the one I have is one of the two that are described as having an "opaque finish."

I'm still not disappointed because I like the color and an opaque lipstick is still a good thing in my book!

The packaging is very simple. The pencil's size is the typical jumbo pencils you see for eyeliners and lip pencils. It has a matte, black coat with simple white, clean fonts and at the end is the shade of the lippie. It's housed in an also simple white box. 

Since it is a pencil type, it can act as a lip liner as long as it is sharp. But the diameter of this pencil is quite thick and if it's not sharp, it won't be a good liner. I rather use it to cover the entire lips. What I like about their claim that it's a "lip base" is the fact that most of the shades in their lip bases are nudes and can help enhance a different lip color if you apply the lip base underneath. It helps a lot with bright, bold colors.

But I love the shade Go Dutch very much that I don't usually top anything on top of it.

I got this color in one swipe. It's opaque alright! I love the shade and the pigmentation.

On the lips, it glided smoothly! It's so creamy that application was soooo easy. The finish is not matte but it doesn't create much shine too. Just try to blot it once and it can pass as a matte lippie! There's still some transfer but only little.

It's not drying and it can remain on my lips for a long time depending on what I eat or drink. It does have a tendency to settle on the bigger, deeper lines of my lips but that only happens when most of the lippie was removed.

So to summarize:

What I LIKE:

- The shade Go Dutch is lovely
- Opaque shade
- Simple packaging
- Affordable
- Decent lasting power
- Non-drying
- Can also act as a base to enhance another lipstick's color (mattes lipsticks tend to mix though, liquid lippies work better)
- Available online (see where you can buy Sigma Beauty products in the Philippines HERE)


- I don't like the fact that I have to sharpen my lip products. :(
- There are instances that when some of the products are removed (from eating or drinking), it looks patchy or cakey (I just wipe it off and just reapply again)

Would I buy again? Maybe. I'm not entirely sold yet. It's not an HG product for me. I do like the product, but I do like several lip products and there are thousands more I can try. So it might be a while for me to decide to get another one.

And that is my review! What do you think of the Sigma Beauty Lip Base? Have you tried this yet? What products from Sigma Beauty do you recommend I try next?


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