Thursday, December 21, 2017

Kat Vod D Ink! Liner in Neruda

Hey loves!

I did an impulse buy on this product and I'm just soooo happy I did!

Kat Vod D Ink! Liner in Neruda

I bought this during one of SephoraPH's major markdown! The original price there is PhP 1,194.00 but I got it at 60% off.

I was just checking out what was on sale and I saw this. I thought that I've never used any Kat Von D eyeliners before so it was worth a try.

I picked the white one because I think I can do so many looks with it. I think it's a multipurpose product in terms of creating designs. Multi-purpose in a way that I can create white lines as well as intensify other liquid liner shades by making this white liner as their base.

Before I show you my swatches and share my experience, here are the product description and details from the labels:

More info from the website:

If you crave razor-sharp, clean-cut looks, Ink Liner is your weapon of choice! Unleash instant bold lines with this crisp felt-tipped liquid eyeliner—saturated with a waterproof, 24-hour-wear formula available in 10 technicolor hues.

Lookin’ sharp! Crisp felt tip + INTENSE color saturation + waterproof long wear…makes this bad boy a gift from liquid liner heaven!
Ink Liner is a color lover’s BFF! The dramatic shade range of 10 bold hues includes stark white, raven black and everything in between. It doesn’t get more pigmented than this, so let your technicolor dreams run wild!
It all comes down to the fabulously pointed felt tip. This guy is loaded with rich, saturated formula for INSTANT bold payoff and the most high-definition lines we’ve ever seen! When it comes to razor-sharp, clean-cut looks, Ink Liner is your weapon of choice!

100% Cruelty Free Forever!
The packaging is beautiful. I like the fonts used and the metallic silver finish. The shape is the usual pen liner shape so it is non-bulky. 

The tip is a felt-tip pen type. I can easily control the thickness of the liner because of this applicator. It's sturdy enough that it's easy to control and it bends in a way that it helps glide smoothly when applying on your lids.

With one swipe, I get this swatch!

I love how solid it is and how white it is! The shade is almost matte too! I was very impressed when I saw this. I bought this even before I read reviews so I was really happy at how good this swatch looked.

I tried rubbing it and it didn't move.

I tried rubbing it wet and it was removed. With running water, it didn't smudge though. So yeah, it will stay on as long as you don't rub it while wet.

And now for the fun part! How I apply this product...

I place it on top of my black liner and create a winged liner! Wooot! I find this look so classy and sort of like a simple mod look.

Although it can be rubbed off easily when wet, it can stay all day on my lids provided I wear an eyeshadow primer and a long lasting eyeshadow. I don't experience any smudging as long as my eyeshadow is intact.

I'm really loving this product and I'm already thinking of purchasing more shades! :)

What do you think? Would you wear a white eyeliner like this too?


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