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Review : UNIK Rose Galactomyces Synergy Serum

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Just a few days ago, I made a review about a product from UNIK, particularly their Lime Moisture Mild Peeling Gel. I mentioned in that post that there's another product from UNIK that I will be reviewing as well and that is the...

UNIK Rose Galactomyces Synergy Serum
You can buy this at for only $14.99.

If you're not familiar with this brand, I posted on my previous review that it is:

"It's a fairly new Korean cosmetic skincare brand that uses natural ingredients to improve the skin's condition. They have different variants that addresses different issues and skin types."

When the brand's representative from Seoul gave me the opportunity to pick which of their selected items am I willing to try out and review. While browsing, I thought that I didn't have a serum back then and among their serums, this one caught my eye. It promises to provide moisture, wrinkle care, pore control, and even whiten. That's a lot and the promises are too good to be true. If it can do even one of them to my skin, I'd be more than happy. So I picked this one along with the peeling gel for exfoliation. I think the two products I picked would go hand-in-hand.

But before I proceed to the review, here are the product information:

Info from the website:

The first synergy, Rose & Galactomyces Ultra Moisturizing & High Nourishing Serum in Korea
Nourishing & Pore Control / Powerful Moisturizing by Rose Water & Galactomyces Fermentation Water
Whitening & Wrinkle Care by Niancinamade & Adenocin

I've been using this for two months now, twice a day, and I'm more than half way done with the 50ml bottle.

It's cased in a glass bottle equipped with a dropper. I like this because you can easily control the amount you get. The consistency is thin but not as thin as water if that's what you're thinking. The dropper helps a lot especially the amount the dropper can hold is the amount I usually apply on skin.

The product is transparent and barely scented. It's easy to apply because of the thin consistency. It gets absorbed by skin easily, maybe only a minute would do. What I like about this is that it is oil-free! When I apply this, there's no greasy feeling nor sticky feeling. My skin just feels refreshed! 

I'm not an expert when it comes to skincare ingredients and I mostly learn from reading reviews and actually trying the products out. When I saw the ingredients featured in this serum, I do have little idea on what my skin will benefit from some included the list. Rose water is usually known to help add moisture to skin. I've been seeing so many toners featuring rose water and many bloggers have raved about them. Glycerin is a pretty common product that helps retain water in skin.

Another featured product, Galactomyces, is something new to me. And so I googled and bumped into Wikipedia that states that it is a fungi! Weird? Well, it's actually been used in Korean skincare for a while now. The Klog's Skin Care Ingredients Glossary defined Glactomyces as "a nutrient dense byproduct of the fermentation process which works to benefit the skin at a cellular level by increasing your skin’s absorption. It has a variety of skin care benefits, such as balancing uneven skin tone, fighting against acne-causing bacteria, and helping to reduce the appearance of pore size, and refining the skin’s overall texture." Wow! That's a lot of benefits. No wonder this serum featured this ingredient.

Since I was already at the very helpful Skincare Glossary, I checked Niacinamide and it is Vitamin B3 that helps "resurface" (large pores) and brighten skin and helps fight skin aging. While anise fruit extract helps fight acne. 

For the past couple of months that I used this, I didn't feel any irritations nor did it cause any breakouts. My skin feels very comfortable with this product. Throughout the two-month period, my skin didn't feel dry (even with the frequently changing weather in the Philippines). I don't have problems with wrinkles yet so I can't comment on that. My pores are pretty much the same (in size) and my skin is still oily, good thing I have products that help mattify my skin.

What I love about this is how lightweight it feels. As much as I want a complete skincare routine, applying so much feels like a chore and sometimes it can feel heavy. This serum is thin and light and feels very refreshing when applied. My skin feels hydrated and even plump I think this product contributes to that and that's really important. In short, it does a great job in keeping my skin moisturized!

And that's my review of the UNIK Rose Galactomyces Synergy Serum. If you want to try it out, they ship worldwide and it's very affordable too!


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