Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Canmake Mat Fleur Cheek in 01 Matte Apricot

Hello loves!

I know that spring is over (and we don't even have spring in the Philippines) and pastels and bright colors aren't as "in" anymore, but I just gotta have a marshmallow-like blush shade. Right now I am using the...

Canmake Mat Fleur Cheek in 01 Matte Apricot
This costs PhP 680.00.

I wasn't really planning on buying a blush when I got this, but while browsing Canmake's kiosk at Trinoma, they had a promo (I think it was a gifts with purchase kind and I got a concealer) and just fell for that trap! I have low self control when it comes to makeup, especially when I do have some money saved up. Haha!

Since the details are in Japanese, here's the info from the website:

Is it really a powder? Startling staying power!
Let the flowers of a smile bloom in your cheeks
Blush with a soft, light finish

The secret of super-soft cheeks 
 Matte powder with a natural finish
Matte powder creates a soft shading effect! The matte texture ensures a translucent finish that never looks heavy
Enhances your complexion, giving you the softest, cutest cheeks
Soft-focus powder  
Contains fixing powder!!!

Matte powder with a soft-focus effect gives you a poreless look

With a highly light-diffusing effect, Focus Powder softly obscures textural irregularities caused by pores, concealing both fine lines and pores!

Contains sebum-absorbing powder (silica) to prevent make-up run.
Highly absorbent, it sucks up excess sebum  
Keeps your make-up in place for hours on end.

Contains beautifying & moisturizing agents and plant & fruit extracts that your skin will love
Ectoin, collagen, hyaluronic acid, arbutin, rosemary leaf extract, pomegranate peel extract, damask rose flower oil, rosehip oil, Rosa multiflora fruit extract

Formulation designed with your skin in mind
Free from mineral oils, petroleum-based surfactants, ultraviolet absorbers, and fragrance


[01] Matte Apricot
A versatile coral that suits everyone 
For a bright, cute impression

[02] Matte Girly Rose
A rose pink that fans of pink will adore

[03] Matte Marmalade
Ideal for energetic girls
A Coral orange

The packaging is something pretty common in Japanese brands. It looks so simple with the clear plastic compact. It doesn't have a mirror and it is equipped with a small brush.

The bristles are very soft but it's just so small that I can't use it on my cheeks because it's difficult to apply and make the color on both cheeks even.

I do love the embossed floral design! I like the part where the colors are separated (you can use it as an eyeshadow) but will create a beautiful shade when swirled together!

See the swatches below:

From left to right:
Swirled together, the one at the bottom left (white), the ones at the upper left/bottom right (light pink), the shade at the center (apricot), and the one at the upper right (rose pink)

Here's how it looks like on my cheek.

Okay... so as much as it looks pigmented on the swatches, it gave me a hard time layering the product to finally make it noticeable on my cheek. The colors are so soft that I had to apply at least three layers so that I get that result. I guess it's more noticeable on whiter skin (I'm NC20-25 for your reference).

I also had an idea to make the white somewhat like a highlighter, but... no. Haha! It looks like chalk was applied to my face so it's better to just swirl the white shade with the rest. However, leaving it out is also an option for a stronger shade of pink. It doesn't look chalky but layering them too much can make it look like a marshmallow exploded on your face. :P

What I do like is that it really is indeed matte. None of those shimmers or chunky glitters. If you're looking for a sharp, clean look, then a matte blush is a go-to. And since I love strong, bold, matte lippies, then a soft blush is something I would pair them with, which makes this product perfect!  

So what do you think of this product? Do you like marshmallow-like blushes?


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