Thursday, September 07, 2017

Freshel Skin Freshener

Hey dears!

It's no secret that I like using face mists. I like having it wherever I go, mostly because I like how it makes me feel so refreshed when I spray it. It also helps in moisturizing skin. When I already have makeup on and my skin still needs a bit of hydrating, a mist is the best bet to help you out.

That is why I bought a number of mists when I went to Japan. Their cosmetic stores carry so many of them that I couldn't leave with just one. Here's one of the products I bought...

Freshel Skin Freshener

Unfortunately, I couldn't remember how much I bought it. :(

Before I proceed with my personal experience with the product, below is the product description from the website:

Enhance effectiveness of the lotion
and all-in-one gel to follow
Moisture infusion technology with water-catching and deep-infusing functions enhance effectiveness of the lotion and all-in-one gel to follow.

Moisturizie skin with just this product alone!
Moisture ingredients such as double collagen*, hyaluronic acid, niacin,and apricot extract keep moisturizing skin.
*Hydrolized collagen and water-soluble collagen

Press down on the pump to spray a generous amount of mist.
An all-natural citrus fragrance provides the most refreshing and soothing experience.
Use it before lotion or anytime during the day - in the office or after a shower - when your skin feels thirsty.

So basically, it's a mist that specializes in adding moisture to your skin and it's best to pair it with the brand's lotion and all-in-one gel. So I guess it's the step next to toning and then add the lotions and moisturizers after.

I like the clear, crystal-like bottle. It looks clean and classy but I find it a bit heavy. I also like the spray because it lets out a fine mist. None of those sprays that feel like someone spit on you. Haha!

 The scent is very mild. I do not like citrus scents but this one is pretty okay.

I mostly use this after I apply makeup to help set it and also add some moisture if needed. Most of the time, it's because I want to feel refreshed after a long day or when I'm out under the sun for too long. But I have used this on my clean face, usually as my day moisturizer. I already have oily skin so I do not need intensive moisture. Although I do have a separate moisturizer that I use, there are days when I just want something very light and clean-feeling and this one is it. I think that my skin feels hydrated enough when I use this so all is good with this product for me. :)

And I guess that's all I can say with this one.
Which face mist are you using right now?


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