Saturday, September 03, 2011

Review: Body Recipe Hair Remover Cream and Liz Colors Her Hair w/ Hortaleza Hair Coloring Cream

 Today's post is all about hair -- from your crowning glory to those annoying ones you just have to get rid of.

I never really liked shaving because hair gets thicker and I feel like my skin is rougher. I usually wax my legs with Veet Wax Strips every 3 or 4 weeks. I've also tried their cream products before. Although I'm quite satisfied with Veet products, I'm still willing to experiment with other brands as well.

So during HBC's Great 88! Sale, I saw this product and wanted to try it out. I got it for Php88.00 but it's regular price is Php105.00

 Body Recipe Hair Remover Cream with Shea Butter and Olive

It comes with a plastic spatula too! Very handy for application purposes. :)

 Information about the product

 Directions for use, Precautionary advice and it's Ingredients

What I like about it:

Hair is removed easily
Compared to Veet, the scent isn't as strong
I didn't get any irritation (I have sensitive skin)
I like the plastic tube container for some weird reason. haha. 
Available in all HBC stores

What I don't like about it:

It only comes in 50g so buying two will cost you Php210.00 in its regular price, while Veet has 100g which costs Php199.00 in SM Supermarket or Watsons.

Overall, I'm satisfied with the products performance. But I will still stick to waxing. A lot painful but hair grows finer and I'll only have to do it once a month!

The next part of this post is about Liz getting her haired recolored.

Liz has been coloring her hair for around 3-4 times now. And as you can see in the two pictures that her hair has grown and needs retouching.
 She has used Kolours and Garnier Hair Colors before and now she's gonna use Hortaleza Hair Coloring Cream for the first time. My sister,Tracy, and I have been using this for a number of times.

 Liz chose Deep Hazel Brown for her hair. (Ignore the 5 peso coin at the side. Haha!)
She only used 1 tube and 1 oxidizing lotion for her hair length. The extra one is for me for future use. :P

 You buy the cream and the oxidizing Lotion seperately. And it doesn't come with gloves, container or conditioner so don't forget to get those when you plan on using this product.

For steps and some tips on how to apply this, read our review of this product here.

Here's Liz trying to apply this by herself. Haha. Eventually she gave up and I took over. :P

*Since it's only retouching, apply on the part that is uncolored first then just apply on the rest after.
Here's what her hair looks like after application. One is with natural lighting and the other one is when the sunlight hits her hair. 

Liz is very pleased with results and really loves the color and it only cost her Php128.00 (since we got the cream from the Great 88 Sale as well plus Php30.00 for the oxidizing lotion)!



  1. i love hbc! especially their treatment oils :) value for money noh?

  2. True! Great quality products for such affordable prices!