Sunday, September 25, 2011

It's Dawn's Birthday Today!

 Hi Girls!

It's the 25th of September and it's my birthday today! Yayyy! 

Celebrated it with my family and Liz a few hours ago. Just strolled around Greenbelt 3 and ate dinner at Marciano's.

My best friend, Liz and me.

  My pretty sis and gorgeous mom.

 And super gwapong brother. :P

And I want to share with you all one of my projects in one of my subjects in school. We were tasked to make a 2D illustration of ourselves dressed in costumes of what we would want to be -- a superhero, a god/goddess, or a disney character. We were only to use the Adobe Illustrator Application alone. Was a bit challenging at first but I did had fun doing this. :)

I illustrated myself as a french princess during the Rococo period. Haha. I have a slight princess complex. :P

What do you think? :)