Monday, September 12, 2011

Makeover Challenge: 7 Pretty Ladies in 3 Short Hours

I'm currently a senior in college which means I am a few months away from graduating (hopefully I will by March, haha!). Anyway, we had our graduation pictures taken a few weeks back. My closest friends in class asked me to do their makeup which I've mentioned in one of my previous posts, and, of course, I agreed. :)
We were scheduled to get our photos taken in the studio by 9-11. So we agreed to meet up at my place by around 5:30am-6am. But they arrived almost 7am so we had to hurry fixing our hair and makeup which resulted to me not able to document the process nor was I able to take their before and after pics.

None of us bought the soft copy of our grad pics because we are cheap and hesitant to pay P300 just for it (besides, we studied photography, we can easily take good pics of us as long as we get ourselves lighting equipments and such. :P). So after the shoot, I asked them to take photos of themselves so I can share what they looked like.  I am not aware when they took the photos and I do not know as well if they did any retouching. But here's what they've submitted to me:


 Bel with Renz


Anna and Vireza

 and of course, me! (I have the lousiest picture because I only took it using my webcam. I can't seem to find the memory card for my SLR.)

 Don't worry, my hair wasn't that messy during the shoot. Haha!



  1. OMG!!! I'm so jealous :< You guys look so beautiful :< Miss you guys so much!!!

  2. Yuki!! We miss you too! You look pretty din sa grad pic mo! Love the added panda ears! haha! So cute! :)