Tuesday, September 06, 2011

NOTD: Flower Dream

 Was in the mood to do another nail art. Was actually planning to just do some french tips but I just can't help myself to make everything look so girly. :P

 Here's what I did to my nails this time:
 Holding my Pink Samsung Genoa Phone

I called it "Flower Dream" because when I asked my bestfriend, Liz, what I could name this nail art, she said that the purple and the sparkles remind her of a sort of dream sequence. And then there are those flower-like dots with little trails of pollen or petals.

 Closer photo. I don't have the proper nail art brush so I just used the tip of a pen that has ran out of ink. Haha! :)

I used Elf Nail Polish in Pearl Pink as base
AmA Nail Polish in color 22 for the tips
Chic Nail Color Glaze in Silver Dust to add the sparkling effect
And some acrylic nail paint for the dots. 




  1. Pretty nails. And I agree - it looks dreamy and the dots look like pollen. :)

  2. you can use bobby pins as nail dotters instead of dried up pens. works every time, very convenient, and always around the house! :p

  3. Thanks, girls! I like the tip about the bobby pins! I'll try that on next time i do another nail art! :)