Friday, May 24, 2019

Lunasol Treatment Gloss 01 Pure Pink

Hello dolls!

It's been a long week for me and I just couldn't wait to start the weekend. But before Friday officially ends and I can finally rest, let me share one quick swatch post about...

Lunasol Treatment Gloss 01 Pure Pink

My sister actually bought this along with other Lunasol goodies when we bought a set which included a palette and a setting powder if I remember correctly. 

Info from the website:
This is a serum-type lip gloss that adds a hint of color and creates plump and pure-looking lips while treating your lips.

I'm not a fan of glosses but lately, I just wasn't feeling matte lipsticks lately, which I have a lot of. So now, if I like a specific lip color but the finish is matte, I tend to grab some gloss and top it on my matte lipstick. The Lunasol Treatment Gloss is one of them because it's sheer and it really does help improve the state of my lips.

The packaging is simple. Hardly any design actually, which I expect on many Japanese beauty products. It's in a squeeze-type tube so be careful when you put this in your kikay kit or when you travel. So far, I haven't experience any leaking because the cap is well secured.

Here's how it looks like.

On my hand

On my lips

As you can see, it's really sheer with very fine and hardly noticeable shimmers. It smells good and non-sticky.

I like that my lips feel comfortable when I wear it and it helps remove chappy lips when I have it. I like that it adds shimmers too because I love shimmers. Haha! Overall, I'm not very in love with it just because glosses are still not something I like to use, but I do appreciate it. It's a nice addition to my makeup stash.

And that's all for today's post! Have a great weekend!


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