Friday, November 16, 2018

Caronia Celebrates its 50th Year

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Do you remember what nail polishes you first purchased when you started your journey with beauty products, particularly on nail care? I remembered mine and it was during high school. One of the bottles I purchased was a cute pink shade from Caronia. I remember I was fixed on buying one from this brand because it was so affordable and that among the brands available , it offered the most number of shades.

I feel like Caronia has played a role in the lives of most Filipino beauty enthusiasts when it comes to prettifying in general, discovering our own style, and showing our personality when it comes to our physical appearances. Personally, I think I've owned more Caronia nail polishes compared to other brands of nail colors. Until now I have some in my collection. Oh! Fun fact, it's named after a luxury ship!

So if you're just like me who have/had Caronia as part of their beauty journey, then Caronia invites us to celebrate its 50th anniversary with a new set of collection.

Started in 1968, Caronia is the first locally produced nail polish in the Philippines. It has "stood the test of time" as the pioneer nail polish and care brand in the country. To celebrate another milestone, they've prepared five special collections to represent every decade that they have been in the market. What makes things even better is how they tailored every set according to what was fashionable during the decade. Check them out below...

Meet the Psychedelic 70s.

It's a mix of reds and greens and browns.

The fashion in the 70s are a mix of hippie and disco and you can see it with the beautiful mixture of colors in this set.
(Not in the order on the photo)
Brick Red, Fantasy Red, Glissade, On-The-Go, Pussy Red, Simply Red, Tahiti Brown, Taupe, Tea Rose, and Touch of Beige

Vibrant 80s

The colors are bright and there's a mix of texture of glossy and metallics. 

The 80s are known for its burst of creative innovations when it comes to fashion. Icons from the film genre (Grease) and music (Madonna, Prince) showcased colorful and bold style.

(Not in the order on the photo)
Bourree, Lemon Cool, Natural, Orange Pop, Platinum Special, Red Pearl, Sweet Surprise, Tangerine, Tryst, and White Rose

Iconic 90s

It's a great mix of blues!!

Denims, denims, denims! That's what I keep remembering when it comes to the 90s. Oh! And the grunge look too!

(Not in the order on the photo)
Avant, Blueberry, Blue Chill, Blue Velvet, Boheman Blue, Chasse, Emerald Shine, Gypsy Green, Sapphire Glow, and White Satin

Modern 2000s

I just love this set of pinks and silver. It's so princess-like which is something that would catch my eye anywhere.

In the 2000s, there was a rise in female pop stars and movies like Mean Girls and various Rom Com films were released. I think that explains why the colors here are more on the pinks and peaches with all the shine and glitter.

(Not in the order on the photo)
Baby Pink, Carolina Peach, Chestnut, Colorless, Italian Nude, Kismet, Pink Lilac, Pink Lily, Platinum Glitter and Silver Platinum

Finally, the Dynamic 2010s

It's a mix of the luxurious metallics with shades in rosey and nude.

I think this is my favorite set of them all and I think it's because it's for this decade. The shades are beautiful and something I would wear right now. Nowadays, the fashion is more about showing your individual personality than anything else and why not go for the naturals, right?

(Not in the order on the photo)
African Plum, Black Velvett, Cashmere, Golden Bronze, Pique, Rainbow Tan, Touch of Tan, 14k Gold, 18k Gold, and 24k Gold

With all 50 shades, I'm sure there's one that connects with each of us. I can already pick a dozen that I would wear actually. Haha!

A bottle of Caronia polish is only PhP 37.00 so you can easily buy a single shade without hurting your wallet, or go big with a full set to #KeepThingsColorful!

I definitely love the theme they made for this celebration and I absolutely love the video they made for their 50th anniversary. Click HERE to check it out.

If you want to get updates from Caronia, like and follow their Facebook, Website, Twitter, and Instagram.


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